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I live in Turin ,Northern Italy,and I'm studying  Aeronautical Engineering at the Turin's Polytechnic.
I was born in November,27,1969 and I come from Sardinia ,a wonderful island in the mediterranean sea.  

If your machine is sound-stuff-equipped and your midi port is idle,you should be hearing a MIDI sequence.
Even  maths can  generate music,and functions and simple formulae misteriously regulate nature,as here.
If you like something  "esotheric" you should try this.
It is based onto the trascendent Ramanujian number's  decimal sequence.
This other is inspired on the Pascal's triangle routine.
This one is related to the Fibonacci's series.
Here is something "glorious",instead.
This pink thing is here for you too.

I like very much music,particularly Jazz,and my favourite artist is maybe John Coltrane,but I like masterpieces from Miles Davis too,and some fusion. This piece is inspired to the work of Pat Metheny.
If you want to listen some 'blue note' you should try this jump or this one.
You may also want to check the Classical Midi Archive (Italian mirror) .
( please note that to automatically play sounds you need suitable software or recent versions of Netscape).

Web Museum,Paris

Trane playing on sax Movie Database Dave's Shareware

Good movies are my passion too,and I'm a nostalgic of old black and white scenes.
And what about painting?
I love very much Edward Hopper's work,as you can note at the top of this page,where I see a metaphora of life.
But if you don't have ever been in Italy,I can take you here,and...let's dream to be in a real world!
And what about Leonardo da Vinci's amazing projects?
Have you ever read something by our nobel hermetic poet Eugenio Montale?
His simple and rare words could make you cry,believe me.

 I love cooking (and eating) too.
I'm sure you're looking for an appetizing list of Italian dishes;
Well,the most authoritative link I can propose you I guess is this. I like very much trekking and free camping.
You are surfing around,so I guess you'd like to travel cheaply in the real world.
And have you ever felt the emotion of a download of a file directly from Italy?
Maybe not.Then try the brand new www-based ftp site of my provider.
And if you want you can also visit the gopher of my university.
In my studies I'm used with Fortran codes, "Mathematica" software by Stephen Wolfram and AutoCAD,by Autodesk.
If you'd like to read recent news from Italy just press here.

adnkronos news
adnkronos news
If you have some problem when working with MS products,try this:
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And here is "Tucows-related" stuff.
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Douglas DC3 Dakota
If you too love planes click onto the glorious Douglas DC3 Dakota.
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