My Car

I bought a new car in the middle of 1997. It's a Subaru Legacy Wagon L 1997. The official color is "pearl spruce green", but it's just "the perfect green". Before this, I drove a nice little Ford Escort Wagon, which I liked too, but I wanted something that had a little more oomph. So I sold it to Andrew (who loaded it up and took off for San Diego) and now I have power windows, power locks, all-wheel drive, even fog lights (like I ever drive in fog!). Before I decided on the Legacy, I had some great feedback from people who already own one (all positive of course), so if you've happened upon this page in a search for a new car, feel free to drop me a note asking me what I think! Of course, as you can tell by the fact that I've made a web page for it, I LOVE IT!

Here are pictures of my car. Well, they're not really of my car exactly (maybe I'll have genuine pictures one day), but they are publicity photos that look just like my car (even the right color!). I'll admit my car's usually a lot dirtier though.



Isn't it pretty? It's nice in this autumn-like setting too (oh I miss New England in October):



Enough about the *&%# car! Take me home!