What Every Woman Should Read

The World Wide Web is a superb tool for fighting ignorance and promoting awareness of issues you believe in. To that end, this page is my own no-frills collection of links to information which I think every woman should know about. It's not meant to be a complete resource center, but its purpose is to educate and inform women of circumstances which they may face, and situations that they may not be aware that they are already in. Men can benefit from this information also. Read and share the knowledge. I want this list to remain short and concise, but I will welcome comments and contributions (especially if a link is out of date).

Protecting yourself against sexual assault. Don't become a victim.

Domestic Violence Resources

Reproductive Health Resources

Eating Disorders: Educate yourself about eating disorders and be true to yourself. I've had wonderful friends who sadly had problems with their self image and, subsequently, food.

Staying Happy: Here is a list which I wish I had read a few years ago. We are often driven to succeed, sometimes at the expense of our own self worth. Never forget what is really important in life. Sometimes happiness can be just a few attitude changes away.

Education: The Women's College Coalition explains concisely what can be done to raise the societal expectations of education for girls. This is a must read for everyone.

And lastly, my favorite quote about women and dating:
"Women who feel some quiet sense of personal power don't worry about having power over men. They spend their time working and playing and finding out about life and trying to become more true and vital and giving and present. They're in it for the long haul. It's called 'having a life.' It's called 'living.' It's called really working at being a better person. It's not about trying to get some guy to buy you a car or a ring before you'll have sex with him."
-Anne Lamott

Lilly Tao

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