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Mostly, I write short fiction. And, yes, like everyone else, I would love to author the next Great American Novel. But until the necessary epiphany arrives, I am mulling and dabbling over writing the next great girl's series books, eschewing paper altogether to perhaps just self-publish online, and dealing with rejection slips and critics while remembering to infuse myself with helpful advice on beating the odds.

My writing style is hard enough for me to pin down (probably why I haven't written anything worthwhile yet), but my usual style is: witty, descriptive without making the reader aware of any verboseness, oriented towards females (sorry guys!), and I enjoy coining new words and phrases to perfectly fit the situation.

I am brave enough to present here a variety of writing samples.

Melody Of Fate - a short story that is currently being rejected right and left by the highest caliber of literary journals.

A true story about a Mother's Day in my past

A tiny fluffy poem

How I Survived Comdex 1996 - roughly written musings on my trip to Comdex. Hopefully it will amuse you!

A Letter to the Editor - an actually published letter to the editor! Wow. I'm in print! (I actually had another letter published in the Mercury News' "West" magazine, but it was short and acerbic and had something to do with them photographing the butt-view of a celery stalk. Not worth repeating here.)

My latest letter to the editor asking why there weren't any women in the Oct 11, 1998 cartoon about the "nerd bird". This was published (yay!) in the Oct 25 paper. Hey, I'm 3 for 3!

Poem about learning to enjoy now.

Feedback on any of these is appreciated.

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