The secret is no more. You have stumbled upon the lost archives
of treasured art by the famed creator of masterpieces, the legendary
Daniel Loy Hui Siang
Bearing the ancient artist code of honour, numbering
the artist is cherished and revered for his astounding works of sublime art.
Although he's prone to quote that like beauty, art is in the eyes of the beholder,
the artist has proven himself worthy by being a council member of the esteemed
Group C
If the life of the artist can be considered nothing short of stunning, his past
will depict an even more colourful scenario. The artist is the sole descendant
of the great clan of
a clan, reknowned for their artistic talents and creativity. Alas, these are just mere
words, words that can hardly equal the supremacy of this icon of our times.
Dare you embark further to discover with your own eyes the true beauty and
spectacle that is the work of the artist?
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