I call this site the SoHo solution, because it was the place, where I felt really at home on the Internet, and it was the solution to my finding the right neighborhood to move in to here at GeoCities. This is a great neighborhood to get your creative juices flowing, so if you move in here, contribute a lot and often! Check out the SoHo neighborhood!

Scheufele's Online Review! - This is my review of a Internet related magazine, book, and Web site! This page is updated regularly, mainly when I have time to read a new book and magazine, and visit a new Web site. Check it regularly. You can also write me, because maybe I've read or wrote something about the subject you're interested in knowing about in relation to the Internet.

Reflections! - Being Online since 1985, can give you a major insight of a very revolutionary technology, the Internet. Read my thoughts on this subject. Please share your thoughts with me, I love to hear about other people's experiences, too!

A Fictional Short Story! Come read my short story about the greatest invention, since the light bulb! It will amaze you and you will wish, that you had one for your very own!

My Surround Sound Site! One of my favorite passions is good audio equipment. Movies & Music mean everything! Screw the picture, the sound has to be perfect! Okay I'm obsessed!

Scheufele's Homeport! - This is where you can meet me, and the rest of the family!

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