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Johnny Memphis by Carol Seatory

Johnny Memphis by Carol Seatory

Top bands with a Brighton connection include David Devant and his Spirit Wife,
and Manc band James had Adrian,
formerly of Sharkboy, as guitarist/cellist.

My other musical faves include the King of Rock & Roll,
the amazing John Shuttleworth (is this the photo that inspired 'Pigeons in Flight'?),
The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band (and Ginger Geezer Vivian Stanshall)
and the late Del Shannon.

(BTW the portrait above is of Brighton's very own tribute star, Mr Johnny Memphis, reproduced here by kind permisssion of my very good friend
Carol Seatory.

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Here is a list of my top ten fave tunes
(it could change).
It's an interesting excercise this!
They are in date order:

  1. Nothing can change this love by Sam Cooke 1962
  2. Suspicious minds (James) by Elvis Presley 1969
  3. Always on my mind (James, Carson, Carpenter) by Elvis Presley 1972
  4. Never say goodbye by Bob Dylan (from Planet Waves 1974)
  5. Someone who cares (Peter Perrett) by The Only Ones (from Even Serpents Shine 1979)
  6. Nothing takes the place of you (Toussaint McCall) by Mike Spenser & the Cannibals (1979-81?)
  7. Trains (Dave Fenton) by The Vapors (from New Clear Days 1980)
  8. Chasing sheep is best left to shepherds by Michael Nyman (from The Draughtsman's Contract 1982)
  9. I know it's over (Morrisey, Johnny Marr) by The Smiths (from The Queen is Dead 1985)
  10. Live forever (Noel Gallagher) by Oasis (from Definitely Maybe 1994)

... and these are some of my favourite whistling tunes:


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David Devant and his Spirit Wife in Brighton
Neil Innes in Brighton
Kevin Ayres in Brighton


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