Streamlined locomotives
of the world

LNER Gresley B17 'East Anglian'

Sir Nigel Gresley introduced the famous wedge-shaped A4 class in 1935 to pull a new train called the Silver Jubilee, between London King's Cross and Newcastle, in celebration of King George V's 25th year of reign.

The East Anglian went into service 27th September 1937 between London and Norwich, pulled by one of two steamlined 'Sandringham' B17 class locos, similar in appearance to the A4s but with a 4-6-0 wheel arrangement - 2859 ( 61659) East Anglian (originally called Norwich City) and 2870 (61670) City of London (originally Manchester City then Tottenham Hotspur!!)

They were deprived of their streamlining in 1951.

Gresley also streamlined the 2-8-2 P2 class 2001 Cock o' the North and the 4-6-4 W1 class locomotive 10,000 (60700), which started life as Gresley's 'Hush hush' design as shown here but was later converted to look more like an A4.

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