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The abundance and beauty of the natural materials found in Newfoundland is the foundation for my art practice. The stone we have in this area is comparable to stone from Italy or Africa, and I have been an active spokesperson regarding the availability of natural resources in this area. In my work I bring attention to the raw, natural beauty of this material, and its  great potential as a material for artists and industry. I have been using our local marbles exclusively for the past twelve years, and have exhibited work locally and in Nova Scotia that features pieces carved from our stone.
In my latest works I am still dealing with objects, history, anthropology, and psychology in a very personal forum. The objects in SELF REALIZED are objects I have kept for years or I have been attached to for years extraneously. The sculptures reference bollards, a smoking pipe, etc?. The referenced objects define me, they are part of, and serve as grounding for my being. These pieces define the Newfoundland psyche as well as my own. They are expressive of qualities that are fundamental to all Newfoundlanders.
To bring from concept to reality in sculptural terms is to realize a work. The title of the exhibit, ?Self-Realized? refers to the maker, and the making of sculpture. My works can be seen as referencing layers of concepts, and realities. They refer to our heritage, our culture, our psychology.
?The Last? for example references a shoe last. The original object referenced is an iron anvil used to repair and make shoes. The specific one I refer to was once owned by my grandfather, but these last were once found in homes throughout Newfoundland, and represent our self-sufficiency and ingenuity.
The piece ? Done be I?, is a carving of ?David?s? eye from Michelangelo?s famous carving of David. This is representative of my own journey and the culture I have learned and adopted, Western Culture and Art History. This learned culture stands in contrast to the culture I have been born to, but now is part of who I am. My sculpture references art history, art making, and our relationship with art. Seen as simple objects they are things of beauty. Contemplated on, and depending on the viewers education, and knowledge they open avenues for self-reflection and self-realization that are as deep as the viewer can comprehend.
I have exhibited throughout the Atlantic Provinces, and since moving to Corner Brook, I have held a number of public exhibits here.  I am represented by State of the Art Gallery in Corner Brook, and Red Orchre Gallery in St. John?s, Newfoundland. I have written on the arts in Newfoundland as freelance writer for the Newfoundland Herald, and have had my work reviewed in local and provincial newspapers and art publications. I am a member of the Newfoundland and Labrador Artist Association, CARFAC, and the Canadian Artist Copyright Collective. I am an advocate for the environment and culture of Newfoundland, and I express this through creating work about this place with materials from this environment.
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Newfoundland Sculptor
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