The ironbound section has been temporarily (maybe) discontinued for various reasons:

1. I have recently noticed that this site effectively did put all my life into one easy-to-access place, thus providing easy marketing and location facilities to anyone with enough interest in me (or a powerful enough data-mining tool). Privacy, in modern era, is notan option, and the increasing number of spam-mails I recieved at an address nobody was supposed to use proves it.

2. I have seen so many sites providing good archives for stuff, that all the useful infromation contained in the Ironbound Section will soon be accessible again, without you needing to search farther than the archives themselves.

3. Maintenance times were running up, and available time was running low. A page that is not updated every couple of months is a bad page. A page that is not updated every couple of YEARS has to be removed from the web. Period.



Space for the Ironbound Section provided by Geocities.