An ongoing attempt to create screensavers which meet my definition of art - celebrating or illuminating the human condition.

Introducing the MEGAPAK!

More than 30 of my best - both the new stuff and the classics! It's never been easier to get my screensavers!

Download it at SHAREWARE.COM!

(A direct link to the file will be added soon. Sorry I don't know the exact URL at the moment.)

The result may or may not be art, but its definitely fun...

What I'm offering are free MAC screensavers for Afterdark or Darkside. The MegaPak is an instant screensaver collection, with enormous variety and lots of fun.

Best of all, you can CUSTOMIZE the modules yourself. Display pictures, make animations, grow flowers, make a custom kaliedoscope - you can do just about anything by putting your pictures in my modules.

Then, do whatever you want with YOUR program with no obligation to me. Well, it wouldn't kill you to drop me an e-mail, for crying out loud.

E-MAIL ME! I want to hear from you! Especially if you live in South America or an Antarctic research station. Just two continents to go until HCS Screensavers have conquered the world!


If you downloaded my old CustomPaks, THANKS! But you'll also want to download
MegaPak for my latest, and best, screensavers: CCBoogaloo, The Visitation, Morphology, Hovercraft3D, etc...
And my alltime best ... ADVENTURE MAN! Plus all the stuff below. And its FREEWARE!


The screensaver that morphs YOUR photos in real-time!


 CustomPak1 - Simple, straightforward screensavers. Includes Custom Kaliedoscope, 10 Random Pictures, Custom Puzzle and more. Bonus: The Big Race!

 CustomPak2 - Some powerful stuff! Seven in all. Includes Virtual Pet, Virtual Garden, FISHY, Animate!, Random Sentence Generator and more. Bonus: LavaLamp!

 There's even more dancing in the crazy new CCBoogaloo!

  Sock Monkey Goes to Town - Watch Sock Monkey drive around, then customize with a picture of your own buddy driving the car. Just plain fun.

NEW! S.M. finally gets his hovercraft in Hovercraft3D! A 3D virtual pet!

 MOTHER-IN-LAW-- this is it, kids. This is a true experience. Yes, this is art. This is up there with Guernica. You've got to see it to believe it. And, of course, you can replace my mother-in-law with yours, or any other willing participant.


If you ever have trouble finding any of my screensavers, E-MAIL ME!

I'll find a working URL for you to download from! 

There's a lot more. The MegaPak includes more than 30 screensavers. GET IT TODAY at SHAREWARE.COM!

 A lot of stuff isn't on the web yet or is not finished yet or maybe doesn't exist yet. True afficianados request the latest programs by e-mail. And those in the know ask me to program something to their specifications.

You may also wish to contact me if the screensavers don't quite fit your screen. I may be able to fix it.

Since I don't charge for these programs, I make them to suit myself. I can't be responsible if they don't fit your screen, don't appeal to you or make your computer do funny things.
(Which they shouldn't do!)

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Better read them before they move again!

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