"Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends,
we're so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside..."

Miami Russell's Equine Artwork

Welcome to the gallery of Miami Russell.

Herein lies a collection of practically all my work, most in their complete forms, scanned in on borrowed time and borrowed equipment (at least until I got my own scanner). The drawings themselves were done with borrowed pencils and borrowed paper (but then, how do you return borrowed paper?)

Most all the drawings are pencil drawings, despite the suggestion by a friend (and much better artist) that i use ink; There are a few non-pencil drawings to be had.

Alot of my artistic friends are better than i, but the only way to improve your work is to do more work. I don't often get alot of opportunity to draw, and each drawing usually takes me about an hour or 2 before i'm happy with it. Since i don't like to leave a drawing unfinished at a sitting the times when i can actually draw a complete work from start to finish are few and cherished, just like the drawings themselves.

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Miami Russell

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