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Hello. You have reached my home page, still under construction. Me being the CEO and everything of this whole endeavor, Scott J. Beckerman. I am a native Detroiter and a graduate student at Wright State University in Dayton *gag* Ohio. I am a writer by trade, but am willing to learn as long as the cash follows. Cash is very, very good. So are your checks.

Things to do in Dayton while dead

Tank's on Wayne Avenue is a great bar. I got a shirt from there. Because of my drinking.
The Air Force Museum can be interesting.
Watching your neighbors burn down their house while barbecuing is top notch.
Public phone usage is mandatory in this city for residents. I am not a Dayton resident.

Current projects.

Before I accomplish my ultimate goal of writing a book about public drinking fountains across this fair land of ours, I focus my time on writing, my studies, global domination, and managing a couple of local bands trying to make a name for themselves. Time to cash in some favors. bleech

This is a photo of me feeding a goat. This is as rural as this city boy gets.

other photos that explain me

Back off. She is mine. She just doesn't know it yet.

This is my automobile. The car I currently drive. A 94 Eagle Talon. It is totally jinxed, but is still a great car.

Update--I now drive a 1996 Eagle Talon. Same color, a little different body design. Yee haw

This is SCARLET, the car I had before the current one came into being. It was a great car. We had been through so much together.

Dogs I have known

These are the two dogs I used to have. The little cockapoo is Pookey. She could talk. The English Sheepdog is Lady Macbeth. She could not talk, but she could catch a tennis ball in her mouth.

These are my two current dogs. Joey, on the left, is a bearded collie. Max is an English Sheepdog. Look carefully at Joey,then look at the artist's sketch of the Unabomber. I am convinced it was not Mr. Kaczinski, but my dog.


Here is a list of ten things that help me keep my sanity and deal with the world. I call them the ten commandments of Stingerdom.
    Don't question, just accept.
    Always take the pole whenever possible.
    Sometimes it never hurts to settle. If you move away from what you know to try to get the best possible, the end result may not be as good as anticiapted.
    It never hurts to experiment with some things.
    Dead men don't make money.
    Follow at least one kind of routine. This gives you something reliable to count on.
    By all means, believe your taste is the best.
    Never take anything for more than it is worth.
    If it feels right, and you don't do it, it wasn't worth the trouble.


Music is what makes the world go around. here is a list of some of my favorite lyrics from songs. Sorry, I don't take requests. This is a personal home page. Exactly what the hell do you want?