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Domina Nymph's Little Dark Corner

Welcome to my Darkness...

"Life: Heat it up and mold it to what you want"

Please note that this and all of my other pages are still under construction! Thank you

Domina Nymph is the name of a Toreador Vampyre who is of the Sabbat. Like me she's a sword fighter and an artist....She was Embraced in the year 1792, in Ireland.

But since this page is about me, I should probably talk about myself more. *smiles* I am a College student hoping to graduate as a Computer Programmer. I am currently living in Guelph Ontario, Canada
My favorite things to do:

Wing Chun Kung Fu
Anne Rice Links
John Keat's link
Sherlock Holmes
Playing the Bassoon
RPG's (role playing games)
PBeM's (*grin* say hi to Quentin for me)
Making new friends
Writing poetry,
Reading my friends poetry
short stories
Working On My HomePage
and Chatting!
Death of an Innocent--a poem

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