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Baron Inhostero of House Bloodmoon

Life is a

And Death is watching

Blood to Blood,Life to life,Time to Time,Endless we live,We kindred,Fortunate and Damned,Outcast and Protected..

We are hunters in the night.. From Caine we arrived, In his bloodlines we have followed,parted in clans.

WE wander the night and stalks the darkness.. We are vampyres, Born to Darkness and Embraced by the blood..

Our destiny is in the kill and in the embrace.Our lifeline is eternal... Nobody knows who we are..

We live by night and sleep by day... and we are destined to immortality...

Welcome to my Kindredpage here.. I am Baron Inhostero of Noblehouse BloodMoon..

To hear more of my life,then I suggest you read my story and learn about my life

My fields are mainly poetry and lyrics,but I dabble a little with artwork also..

One thing with us vampyres that must be remembered is this


What's mine is yours... We share everything in our immortality

My Embrace Story
I love different kinds of music and Movies.. These are my favourites
Another Kindred page of mine
Tribal's homepage
Fantasy Page.. Much of Boris Vallejo's and Robin Matthews artwork here
I love to chat.. See where My Hunting grounds are
And when I chat I use certain piccies..

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