Backstreet Secrets

*Updated : April 12th, 2001*
::Shakes head:: Plagiarism is bad

Welcome to my fanfic! First of all I have to say that I am not related to the Backstreet Boys nor their management, record company... I have never met them (probably never will)... Blah blah. You know the drill. These stories were created by me (So don't steal them please), they're fan FICTION (i.e. not true). They are just a consequence of many things: my Backstreet Boys obsession, my unability to stop daydreaming, and boring teachers in school.

Most of these stories are probably rated PG-13 (except a few that are rated 'R' - I'll tell you when I'll put them up). But I'm not very good at rating stuff. Oh, one last thing... English isn't my first language, so please bear with the grammar mistakes. Thank you!

Please remember that these are only fictional stories. The Backstreet Boys are not really acting the way they are portrayed here.

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The Episode List

The Meeting
Labyrinth Of Fears
Birth Of A Band
Can't Trust Anybody
My Favorite Secret
Don't Cry Fallen Angel
The Scars
Wrong Needle
I Wouldn't Hurt A Fly
Watch Your Drinks
So It Happens... Twice
Valentine Nightmares
The Truth Comes Out
The Roof
Strike Two
Once Again We Pray For You
The Wedding
What I've Never Told You
I'll Love You Always Forever
World War III
The Surprise
Dormant Volcano
Till Death Do Us Part
Painful Goodbye
We'll Be Watching Over You

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Other Stuff

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When each episode takes place
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The "Backstreet Secrets" soundtrack
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