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What's Winnie?
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What's Winnie?

Who's Winnie?

My name is Winnie Lim Guat Sim (or Winnie Guat-Sim Lim on official forms) and I'm originally from Malaysia.

As a freelance journalist, author, Web developer and sometime artist, my career objectives are:

And it looks like I'm on my way -- I am currently Deputy Editor at PBS Online. (Yay!)

Due to popular demand, the author's face may now be seen here.

Loosely translated, my name means Peaceful Heart of The Moon. (As far as I know, my parents were nowhere near Woodstock.)

Where's Winnie?

My corporeal form currently lives in Silver Spring, MD. My mind has permanent residence in another dimension crudely represented in this page.


A small, non-profitable outfit founded, maintained and staffed entirely by me.
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Write to Winnie!

This page is always evolving. Comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated at GS_Lim@yahoo.com


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