Gabriel Popa, Romanian Painter (1937-1995)

Gabriel Popa Born on July 18, 1937 in Ploiesti, Romania. He graduated from the Art Institute in Cluj Napoca. He moved to Timisoara in 1961. He was a professor, between 1962-1974, at the city's Art Institute, teaching painting and drawing. Since 1974, Gabriel Popa became a professional painter, member of the Romania's Artists Guild. He died of leukemia in the summer of 1995.

His art is known and appreciated in Romania and internationally. He participated in collective exhibitions in Romania, Yugoslavia, Italy, Spain, Austria and Germany. He had personal exhibitions in Timisoara, Bucharest and Resita, Romania; in Ettlingen and Baden-Baden, Germany and Vienna, Austria.

His large projects include a fresco for the National Opera House, Timisoara (35 sq. m) and wood panels painted series for the Roman-Catholic Church in Orsova (50 sq. m).

His works can be found in public and private collections in Romania, Germany, Italy, France, Israel, Croatia, Serbia, Spain, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Greece and Venezuela.

A preview of the new Gabriel Popa Commemorative Exhibition.


[new] The Doomsday Section - contains sixteen paintings over a 15 years period.

Stations of the Cross

[new] Stations of the Cross - wood panels painting in the Roman-Catholic Church of Orsova, Romania.

Le dernier prophet

Le dernier prophet, 1987. (acryl on canvas)


Roses. (acryl on canvas)


Structure, painting from his early period, 1977. (tempera on canvas)

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