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March 23, 1821
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since May 2000
Nedontos 75, Kalamata
Kalamatanet HOL, Kalamata
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Updated: May 18, 2000
Welcome to the addictive world of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) where strangers from all over the world meet in real time to discuss everything from international affairs to the latest episode of a tv show, and where the phrase "talking with your hands" takes on a whole new meening.

Greek FlagIrc visitors communicate by sending typed lines of dialogue to each other and by using a set of basic commands, shorthand phrases, and clever key combinations (for more information on internet shorthand see "emoticons").

Irc visitors meet in virtual chat areas called channels. There are thousands of channels on the internet, each with its own name,topic, and set of visitors.

During 1998 and 1999, thousands of people from all over the world visited our page and left their messages at our guestbook, while hotbot ranked us as most popular site in the search for Kalamata.

From now on, you can use 2 new urls to access us or

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