Greetings and Welcome to


The Homepage of Michael J. Bertrand, aka Früvous

Welcome to my homepage. As yet, it's not much, but like the golden age of Athens, everything is always under construction. Keeping tuning in and more of these sections will come online. Plus, there will be whole new sections, guaranteed to thrill even the most jaded newbie. Or something.
The obligatory resume

My resume. Hire me. Please.

The Vital Statistics

The info on Früvous, including the only existing (electronic) picture of this rare and reclusive creature.

The Früvous Life Story

Thrill to the epic biography of a guy with a web site.

My Other Selves

The homepages for the chacters I play on FurryMUCK

Früvous' Writing Pad

Various things written in various genres by variable Früvous.

It's a MOD, MOD World

Some .MOD and .S3M files, both Fru originals and some of his faves from the Net.

Fru's Crossword Shack

A few of the crossword puzzles Fru puts together for fun, available both in ACROSS format and as JPGs.

And of course, the links

What homepage would be complete without a bunch of links the author thinks are cool? Apparently, not this one.

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