Emre Kırca


With a degree in Business Engineering  from Istanbul Technical University and master's degree in Business (MBA) from NYIT , I managed to single-handedly make several business successful.

I am supported the launch of several internet initiatives, served as product director for two successful corporations, and executed creative maneuvers with in the companies I worked.


I was born in Ankara in 1972, however raised in Izmir. I was student of Izmir Private Turk College. Afterwards, I went to Izmir Ataturk High-School  and finished this very well-known schools with an average of 7.0/10. I was Math student and my second language was German which I began to learn in Izmir Private Turk College.

In 1990, I got the 534.00 in OYS exam and had to chance to get into Istanbul Technical University at Business Engineering Faculty. During my bachelor's degree I was a member of faculties soccer team as striker and we became 3rd within the ITU in year 1995. I was also lead singer of rock band which we gave 5 concerts in different faculties between 1994-1995. I got my bachelor's degree in 1995 Summer with an average of 53/100. In 1996 I went to USA, VA to attend a ESL program to improve my English and to have a chance get an MBA degree in states. It took me 1.5 years to get required TOEFL score and  I applied to College & Universities. While I was taking ESL courses  in Virginia, Fairfax, I worked as lifeguard in Winkler Pool Management  Inc. and assigned to several buildings' pools as head lifeguard. I personally saved two kids life during my shift. In 1997 New York Institute of College  had approved my application as MBA student and I began my study in NY. While I was attending to MBA program, I worked as sales person in Tursan Travel agency. It helped me to improve my English and sales & marketing skills by interacting with many different cultures and people. I also developed the website of company and started to make sales through e-mails.  In 2000 I finished my MBA study and decided to return back  home.

In October 2000 I started to work in Turkport A.S., which was an internet company (portal) as Product Director.  My job was mainly to find and search new ideas that would improve our websites appearances. I coordinated editorial, design, technical and marketing departments to develop new projects. Turkport was closed at beginning February 2001 and all workers had to resign. After several months I started to work in Kahome Textile which is representing  two agencies from USA that have business in Turkey. I was sales & marketing director of VIPAC ( www.vipac.com) in Turkey. I developed marketing strategies and plans to improve sales of VIPAC in Turkey and coordinated sales. VIPAC produces vinyl packing bags that mainly use for home textile, cosmetics. While I first  started to work for VIPAC, they were selling only to one company in Turkey. With the help of our sales & marketing strategies we sold our products to 20 home textile exporters/producers in Turkey in year 2004-2005.  We build our website (www.pvccanta.com) and reached many potential customers in Turkey also countries around Turkey such as Russia, Greece. Our sales will reach around $500.000 in year 2006.I had decided to quit in August 2006 since I believe that I completed my mission in Kahome. Currently, I am working as Coordinator at INTEM Insaat A.S.. I am responsible from production, purchasing and logistics of FLSmidth projects which has currently 500,000 euro order in the company. We are planning to extend our business to 1200 tons for year 2007.

I like to play guitar, go fitness and read in my spare time. I am also playing soccer every week with a group from ITU  (www.zapatistaspor.org/zapat.asp?z=5). I like to travel and explore new places.

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