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I'm Sylvie Elise Lansdowne, a glass beadmaker and jewelry designer in Atlanta, GA. I'm also the wife of Rob and the mother of Harrison who is almost 2 and already loves beads!

My work in glass and jewelry is a story of colors. I have always been inspired by the use of color in the work of the Impressionists and Post Impressionists. I think of my jewelry as mini-paintings and my beads as the paints. I love manipulating the glass I work with in ways that give me new colors for my palette. My beadmaking style has been influenced greatly by the work of Kristina Logan and by Kim Osibin and Leah Fairbanks (from whom I learned glass beadmaking).

Samples of my work

Glass Jewelry
includes:necklaces, pins, and bracelets

My Background

Where can you buy my work? My beads are sold wholesale to bead stores and designers nationwide. (See below for a link to my other homepage featuring a catalog.) My jewelry is sold in Atlanta at the following stores: Veronica's Attic (Sandy Springs), Dakotah J's (Virginia Highlands) and Ivy Manor (Roswell). Hopefully coming soon to a store near you!

1997-98 Show Schedule (limited engagements due to new baby on the way!)

Embellishment - Austin, TX - August 6-9, 1997
The Best Bead Show - Tucson, AZ - February 1998

Detailed Pictures of my Beads in my Online Catalog

A picture of the Lansdownes (featuring the cutest kid in the world!)

Other Links to Stuff/People I Like

For more information on glass beadmaking, my glass beads or jewelry please drop me an e-mail at the address below.

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