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Smurf-Pie - cute idea, lousy graphics, lousy layout. I'm so embarrassed!

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If I were a rock-and-roll star, my band would be called "Monkeys Flying Out of My Ass" because I would love to hear radio announcers say "Come out to hear monkeys flying out of my ass this weekend!"

Do not taunt me, I bite back.





I've kind of given up. This page is now...a personal page...
That means, you should run away now.

now, I said! you big jerks, stay if you want.

I'm Nanda, and for two years, I've occaisionally maintained this page under various names and its had varying degrees of excitement, entertainment, and lack thereof.

So, I said, to colonel mustard in the conservatory, screw it. This is now a personal page which I will personally ignore. I'm a busy little monkey with several other little projects going on. At work, I do tons and tons and tons of web design, and when I get home, I don't usually want to do anything web-y for fun. I'd rather get a little fresh air and a lot of sleep.

I'm leaving some stuff up here, and I'm changing some stuff, and occaisonally, I'll add stuff, but for the most part....this page isn't going to get any snoofier.

It is though, slightly personal now. Its my page, dammit.

If you want to see something amusing, you can head over to to see the fake zine I made so I could enter their contest (I won third place! and they gave me $89 dollars [12 CDs] worth of cheap, stupid clip art. I was shooting for second place (a bright, shiny palm pilot. But its my own fault. I set up the page to have some neat java stuff, and then i forgot to put it in).

Goto: The award winning Psycho Babbles

I'm working on a new project. Its called: Brain Food; and it will be up on the web sometime before October '98. It's a project by me and a few people who are neat. It's going to be a little web/print zine catering to all the slackers I know. It'll be a lot like Psycho Babbles, but it won't suck. If you want an email message when its released about getting the print version, or viewing the happy little URL, drop me a line. I don't have a clue of where I'll get it hosted yet. I'm thinking about another xoom site. They're nice folks and they don't have stupid banners on every single page. I like non-intrusive advertising. and they gave me piece of crap clip art

Lah-de-dah. That's it for now,

I have really terrible language. I should have been a pirate.

email - drop a loin line

This stuff all added nicely on August 15th.

December 98:
I'm such a liar about Brain Food. It never happened. I'm sorry V and co. I got way too busy with other stuff like watching Space Ghost and eating peanut butter 24/7 and didn't get around to being creative. I might be working on something over my winter break, but no promises.

January 98:
I am working on a new project. What is it? It's a secret! Right now, there's no room for collaboration, and I'm building very slowly. I want to do this one right. I'll keep ya posted.