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Fantastic Toyz...home of The WEIRD WARRIORS...the story so far. Cobra Commander, using his secret mutation formula, stolen from GOLOBULOUS back in Cobra La, has brought back The Evil Dead from the past to help in his conquest of the free world. By injecting the DNA with the mutation formula, Cobra Commander is able to bring the forces of DOOM under his control. Nothing will stand in his way as he creeps ever closer to ultimate victory. Hail Cobra...Hail The WEIRD WARRIORS.

A lone sentry stands guard outside of The Weird Warriors headquarters.

Cobra Commander welcomes the new troops, The Goon and The Manitor.

The Goon...mindless and childlike except in his brutality which is deadly.

The Goon's insect buddy and symbiant controller...Felix. Notice the double bladed knife. If one doesn't get ya...the other will!

The Manitor...bullheaded warrior from ancient Greece, brought back to kick some dirt in the face of GI JOE!

The Prince of Darkness, Count Alucard, newest member of The WEIRD WARRIORS.

The Wolfpack of Count Alucard.

Destro...evil henchman and 2nd in command of The Weird Warriors.

Dr.Sleep...just when you think it's safe to get out of bed. Uses his Neural Transmitter weapon to put his foes to sleep...forever!

Dr.Sleep's Neural Transmitter Gas Tanks.

Crystal Warrior Repaint with new accessories.

From The Death of the Jedi...Han Solo in Hoth Pilot Gear.

Han Solo in battle with Squidhead Gladiator.

From The Death of The Jedi...Boba Fett in his Clone Wars Uniform.

Boba Fett...the meanest SOB in all the universe.

General Madine in full battle getup...from The Death of the Jedi.

Hoth Security Guard...The Death of the Jedi.

Squidhead Gladiator...trained to battle to the death for the glory of the Empire.

Armed to the teeth, Squidhead Gladiators never give in.

Zanzibar the Pirate with his hot rod air skiff. New weapons...new attitude!

Jesse James, The Red Skull and Nemesis Enforcer meet face to face for the first time.

Serpentor...supreme ruler over all of Cobra.

The Barroness...The Queen of Mean uses her charm and killer dogs to get her way.

The killer dogs of The Barroness...attached to her neck by a chain of pure gold.

Cobra Commander...the leader of The Weird Warriors, prepares to enter The Mutation Chamber.

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The Red Skull: The Red Skull first appeared as the evil enemey of Captain America. Now he has been brought back from his deathsleep by Cobra Commander to help The Weird Warriors destroy freedom forever.

Weapons: To aid The Red Skull in his evil ways, Cobra has supplied modern technology in the form of advanced weapons and communication devices.

Evil Dead Jesse James: In his never ending search for more power, Cobra Commander has used the mutation formula on the DNA of the scourge of the old west, Jesse James. Quick on the draw and always ready for a brawl, Jesse James is ready to fight for The Weird Warriors.

Weird Warrior...Nemesis Enforcer: Nemesis Enforcer was sent by Golobulous to watch over Cobra Commander. The strongarm of The Weird Warriors, Nemesis Enforcer uses pure power to get the job done no matter what the odds are.

To help control the incredible powers of Nemesis Enforcer, Cobra Commander has attached a symbiant controller to the his back.

The Clone Wars: Obi Won prepares to battle bounty hunter Snaggletooth to the death.

The Mutation Device: Cobra Commander prepares The Red Skull for The Mutation Formula. The Free World will never be the same.

X41: Cybernetic killer of The Weird Warriors.

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...The Death of the Jedi. Custom pieces by David Daniele

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