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AVAILABLE NOW!!!! : Two highschool guys. No brains. Lots of hormones. Cool powers. One Gump. They can save the world but they can't even get a date--LOCKE AND LODE .

AVAILABLE IN OCTOBER... Have you ever met someone you just wanted to kill...then found out you were totally in love with them? THE ADVENTURES OF PRUDENCE AND LEON--A LOVE STORY.

COMING FROM MANTLE PRESS... Imagine if all your life you thought you would be normal. To Live, fall in love, and grow old. But what if you found out it was all a lie? One man must sacrifice all he ever was to save us all. One man must become NIGHTWALKER.


updated 9/11/97

LOCKE AND LODE issue #2 is out!!!! Don't miss what happens when the boys get costumes at Garth's Costume Emporium!! Available at finer comic shops near you.

THE ADVENTURES OF PRUDENCE AND LEON: A LOVE STORY is available in PREVIEWS right now (along with Locke and Lode issue 3). Go, get up off that chair right now and harass your comic shop owner to buy it---right now, mister!!!

NIGHTWALKER is still coming. It'll be out one of these months...we promise!!!

All characters, names and logos are copyrighted 1997 by Mantle Press. All rights reserved. Comments? Questions? Hey, send them. We might even write back.


Locke and Lode

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