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Until I decide whether or not to move my fan fiction back, I'll use this site for fiction writing resources that I believe might be useful. (I originally moved my fiction due to YAHOO/Geocities "Terms of Service". Yes, I know they have modified their TOS but it still gives them the right to use this site's content in their advertising without consulting me.)

Do I seem too churlish? After all they ARE providing a free website for my use. It's just that I had a rather large site here and was forced to move it by their "Terms of Service" changes. It was a lot of (unnecessary) work for me to relocate my main web site and since that time I have never felt kindly towards Yahoo/Geocities. And I have also not felt inclined to move that particular contant back here. Let's just say: Why should I be enthused about Yahoo?

This "writing references" website is much less active than my main web site.

General Writing Aids
Merriam-Webster OnLine Dictionary
A Webpage of OnLine Dictionaries
Roget's Thesaurus
"The Elements of Style" by William Strunk Jr.
Writer's Support Page
Moira Allen's web resource for writers
Sci-Fi Writers Group
newsletter and website resource for writers
Today in History
Writing Corner
Telephone Books
Reverse Telephone Directory
Yahoo People Search
People - Netscape
Yellow Pages - Netscape
HTML Tutorial
JAVA Tutorial
HTML-safe color palette
Animated Graphics .
Register A Website
What's New - Netscape
What's Cool - Netscape
Not Unrelated Sites
Denise Fergusson's Fan Page
Arletta's Home Page
Misc. Stories
Misc. Resources
The Weather Channel
Internet Public Library
Project Gutenberg literature online.
Shakespeare Homepage
Internet Resources -- Index
travel/language front page
Translations (from or to English, Spanish, French, etc.)
Online Maps from the University of Texas

Search Engines

Netscape Search
AOL NetFind
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