The Sanitorium

Under The Sign Of The Hourglass

The Book of Cross Words Pompous shite gets mixed up we hear

The Death of Colossus the mundane existence of what is known as......PLANT LIFE

The Tale of Manhasset Badger Work out what it means and win a prize

An Ode to Mental Homicide You know who you are you wirey geek bastard

The Voyage of the Penelope Anne Take a disco biscuit and enjoy the show

Nom de Plume Fascism pays in this wine chiller

The Vegitarian Vampire A largely biographical account of 20th century viral infection

The devil's finger
Another nihilistic flashback to the drug years, or more salad bowls?

JFK's Big Payback
Forget the grassy knoll, it's the pyrotechnic authodentist theory!

The Psycho-analyst
Evil is among us, run lest we be trod upon

A nation of one armed men
Listen up while I tell you a pet hatred

The smoker
Another fable of the human condition.

The bitten arm
Another true story with blood guts and tiddlywinks - or is it?

Cut it up whizz
An example of the surrealist movements automatic writing

The Poll Tax Killings
A true story of fear and loathing,
and I should know.

Aesop's fables o.n.o.
Here's a mixed bag of nuts, and I mean that

Fly me to the Moon
Here's a little story about summat or other
It's called The Other Side Of The Moon

I'd rather be with a animal.
Here's a little story about electric spaniel death
It's called Dogs cannot read.

Go on a cruise
Here's a little story about beyond maners
It's called Titanic decisions

Get me home, I need my eyedrops.

1996 I can ignore you all I want on: