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OK. Third time's the charm . . . or so they say. This is the third (fairly) major update for the Penguin. Nothing much has changed -- except for the addition of some BLD pix. I do hope to be more aggressive with the site's upkeep . . . but I think I said the same thing two years ago (when I LAST updated) HA HA HA. But, hey, who knows? Check back every once in a while to see if I'm a liar.

As has always been the case, this site is the vehicle through which I can celebrate my personal aesthetic and share it with the world. My writing, of course, is one way that I achieve this. Another 'less abstract' and, certainly, 'more accessible' means is my small image gallery, entitled Skinney's Crunchy Morsels. There is absolutely no cerebral requirement here!!! I do this as a community service to all my "dull" friends out there in la-la land. The more adventuresome among you may wish to eschew the spoon-feeding and get straight to the meat, but I advise against it. All should embrace the opportunity (if only for a moment) to frolic in a world of blissful simplicity, unencumbered by the yoke of mental processes. Just give it a look-see -- you will not be disappointed.

As I'm sure is abundantly clear from even a cursory review of my site, I am neither adept at the use of a computer nor inclined toward graphic design. What you see here has been achieved through a combination of unwavering diligence, a fair amount of logic, and plenty of cutting and pasting from the sites of unassuming webmasters (heh-heh.) But, this site is not about slick packaging. It is all about substance and the quest for enlightenment. If you can look past the shabby HTML and the second-rate organization of this site, you will be rewarded with the "diamond in the rough" of cliche fame. Perhaps I overstate the quality of the Penguin's contents -- but, perhaps I don't. I only ask that you suspend your disbelief for a few moments and experience the magnificence of that which Skinney hath wrought!!!


I reside in East Orange (ILLTOWN), New Jersey. Nuff said.

Here are pictures of me and my dear cat, Yukio, just maxing at home. Isn't he cute? Sadly, I must report that, during my hiatus from web page managing, Yukio passed away. I know that you all share my sorrow. As a memorial, I will keep his picture posted for as long as this page exists. Yuki's friend, Finster, is as psychotic as ever.

A poem I wrote when I was 18 (trite but inspiring):


Looming azure reminds me of my feeble state
To try and describe the wonder seems as prate
Language can't aptly relate this feeling
Alone I stand, my senses reeling
This grand, unequaled tapestry
Gives a sense of fear to me
The sun a blazing ring
I feel like nothing
Can't they see?
Stop me
I think I see
I know I can cope
A feeling of new hope
Understanding is unfurled
I now find solace in the world
Visions race wildly, my mind is seared
I now see beauty in what I once feared
A brand new meaning for that fearful word "fate"
Looming azure reminds me of my wondrous state

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