Warning! This site contains material!

That's right, material. If you are looking for a site with lots of nifty superwhiz graphics, and no actual content, this is NOT the page for you. Then again if you are looking for a site with some nice content, a few well chosen graphics, and more nice content, this is the site for you. Enjoy!

Additional warning, I have entered a purple phaze, whatever that means. For some reason, I like purple more than usual. *shrug*

Reorganization of my homepage is now complete.
Updates! Last updated 1-19-08 As you will note I did away with my two-pronged entrance of index and index2, and have, simply, one index page. The old index is still there, if you would like to look at it for nostalgia, or whatever other reason.
My Writing page was re-organized on 4-6-2003. Enjoy!

Have fun. I know I did. ;-)

Ok, before you do anything else, follow these links(unless you have already done so in the past):

Stuff about me. Updated 1-13-08 This is my aboutme page. It includes info (surprize) about me.

Mission statement This is my mission statement. It's supposed to be a list of reasons that I am doing this whole website thing, but it mutated, slightly, into a short list of reasons, and then a bit more about me. Hmm...
This mission statement is really old, but mostly still valid. (1-13-08)

Now, you can get to the main contents of this site, in convinient list form!
  • Castle Darkmist Formerly known as "The Fun Version of my website, this is a story, with a choose your own adventure feel to it.

  • The Writing Page. This is my page devoted to writing. It includes links to some stuff that I have written. In the future, it may contain other stuff. Updated with new material in late July of 2002! WooHoo!

  • Memorial to Rachael This page is dedicated to Rachael Mayo, a friend of mine that died a few years ago.

  • Pictures! This page has some pictures. Some are of me, some of my family, and a few randomish ones. More to come at some later date. If you have a slow connection, you might have to be patient. I don't think any of them are more than 90k each, but with a 56k, that still can take a while. Enjoy!

  • Random poems! You will get a new poem each time you reload this page. They are 6 line poems, and I wrote 6 of them, meaning that there are 6 possibilities for each line. How many total poems is that? Heck if I know, I have an English degree. :-) Note: My friend Melissa tells me that there are 46656 possible poems and she's a lot better at math than I am! Now with random titles!
  • Random messages. This page will give you a new random message each time you reload it, it's a lot of fun!

  • Quizzes!These are a bunch of quizzes that I took that I found on the internet. More info on the page itself. Have fun!
    Updated 1-13-08!
  • LARP page. What's a LARP? Find out by visiting this page!

    This is still here, though I no longer LARP, really, I fixed the links, and updated this page too. (1-13-08)

  • Writer's Bloc. What was Writer's Bloc? This page will tell you.

  • Phase of the moon! This will show you what phase the moon is currently in. It's based on a free javascript that I got from a site which there is a link to on the page. Check it out!

  • The Everchanging Page Of Chaos! This is my attempt to provide some humour to this site, other than what I have written, which can be funny, but not in the same way that the stuff I put up here is funny. I change it no more often than daily, and usually more like weekly. It's a cool feature. Last changed May 13th 1997. Yeah, I know...

  • Links! This is my links page. It has some links to friends pages, clubs that I belong to online, and more, with new links being added as often as I remember to do so. Some of these may not work anymore.
    Like most of them. Notes made on page as to which work and don't. Total nostalgia fest...1-13-08

    For those of you that are nostalgic for my old homepage, don't panic!!! It's still there. Just follow the link there!

    Also, my old intro is still there as well. Note that you will have to push stop or back to make it stop now, as I have it set as an infinite loop. And lastly, the Old Entrance is still there too. Enjoy!

    That about does it for this website. I'll add more, when I think of more to add. Later.

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