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Parias : Nika and Poppy's First Comic

Hey, we're Nika and Poppy and we're pleased to welcome you to our very first comic. In case you couldn't guess - it was written while we were under a lot of stress.

Special Thanks goes out to Raven and Lackey -Boy who are helping us out with some of the artwork!

UPDATE A special graduation present coming from us, cause we just graduated.Yeah Us! It's a Parias/Buffy crossover Vampires and Slayers and Parias...Oh My! is finally here.

Poppy :)

What's Here

  • Parias Vol.1 #1
  • Parias Vol.1 #2
  • Being a Brief History of the Parias World
  • Biographies of the Parias
  • Parias Stories
  • Art Gallery
  • Favourite Parias
  • Parias Prattle
  • Nika and Poppy
  • Copyright Junk
  • Links to other pages
  • Hey guess what?!?! WE'VE GOT ONE!!!
    Yep that's right. We got our very own fanboy!!!!!!
    ...And we're keeping him too.

    Nika and Poppy 1996

    Any comments, critisms, ideas, suggestions, marriage proposals...(scrap that, we know who reads these things ) send your mail to Poppy or Nika

    Lindsey (Raven)

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