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I didn't have much time to do this page, but I wanted to get something online to let you guys know a bit about the person behind KPT Ollie. I started at MetaCreations on May 6, 1996 after trying to get employed by them ever since they moved to Santa Barbara. One day, I was cruising their web page and just had to take a peek at their Employment Opportunities page. I saw they were looking for somebody to do Online Tech Support, and I felt the job had been created just for me! Not only had I years of experience with MetaTools software and Macs in general, but I also was doing Technical Support for a local access provider and was already living in Santa Barbara. I applied via email, came in for an interview, and walked out with the job! I was happy, to say the least. It's now over three years later and I've transferred to Online Services as a Server Engineer. This means I get to play with server configuration and do a lot of Perl programming, which I love! The people are great here, my boss is supercool, and the work load is just enough to keep me busy for a full workday. Needless to say, I'm extremely happy in this company and my current position.
What? You want non-work-related info? Like there is any... Okay, well, I have a BA in Professional Photography from the Brooks Institute of Photography, though if I had to do it over again I'd definitely pick a major in Computer Science. But I'm not complaining - it's a great degree, and I do use the knowledge a bit with this job. I LOVE my motorcycle!!! I have a lot of great biker buddies that I ride with on Sundays, and it's one of my true passions. I also love Silly Putty and Sea Monkeys. In fact, Susan Barclay's Sea Monkey Worship Page is the funniest site I've ever seen!
Well, how about some links? Okay, since you asked...
  • Somewhat recent pictures of me, brothers, and dad
  • My Bryce 3D Stained Glass Mini-Tutorial
  • My Power Tools and Bryce art
    Very modest... too much tech playing, not enough time for art!
  • Ednaswap
    I'm not saying... you're just going to have to see for yourself.
  • [standard email link]