Douglas Milburn

Filicide: The Mythic Reality of Childhood

Lovis Corinth:
The Great Martyrdom (1907)

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    The Book That Answers the Questions:

    Excerpt from Filicide

    A Gentle Warning to Web Browsers:
      To say that Filicide: The Mythic Reality of Childhood is thought-provoking is an understatement. The book challenges many fundamental beliefs concerning religion, sex-roles, child-rearing, politics, art, and so on. If you are involved in a continuing questioning of yourself, this culture, this world, then you will probably find Filicide: The Mythic Reality of Childhood an invigorating and possibly even helpful exercise in mental stimulation. If, on the other hand, you are comfortably ensconced in this culture, I strongly urge you not to read the excerpt provided here. It is likely to upset, possibly even anger, you. Please move on to other, less challenging sites.

    A Note to Intrepid Readers.

    A Note to Intrepid Publishers.

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