Curious? Well you stumbled into the right place! Welcome to my humble Cantina! Now that your here let me hit you with a few ????'s Have you ever wondered what that person next to you was thinking? You know the one with stars in thier eyes looking up at the sky? or just staring off into space while sitting at the traffic light when its green? Horns honking *beep* beep*..feverishly? Ever wonder what makes them tick? Ever wanted to get inside thier head? Me either. But you can find some out of the ordinary stuff(out of your head or out of this world) here at the little cantina(or not)poetry,music,ramblings,spontaneous outbursts,etc. etc. Pretty scary huh?! Im mean just the tip of the iceberg getting into the realms of curious-tiger...

I think its time for a change and a time to let go, so say goodbye to the Corona sign..BYE! I guess it had to go I mean, now that the original Firefly is gone. Anyhow I found this neatgraphicartsyladysite and the link is below!The graphics on this site belong to and were created by her and therefore I am giving her full credit for her wonderful talent!Go say Hi! to Kitty!

Now...take a step inside the house of the curious

Countercurious people have already ventured in.