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To reach a Higher Standard of Understanding, but on the lite side, fly here! My site will be gone come October twenty-something,so little by little it is dwindling down


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TAKING DOWN---> This web site will soon be shutting down ater 10 years come near the end of October 2009, but it sure was fun creating it and having it. I would like to say thank-you to all the visitors and the many inspirations sent to my email. But now it is time to bid everyone Farewell and Thank-you! I think this site, however has served it's purpose beyond my expectations of it conception as a class project, never thought it would last this long! But as they say, all things must come to an end, unless you can pay! I think I will try to find somebody who wants to learn how to do the 'quick-step' or 'jive' with me or something along those lines. Had enough of this. Who knew, i mean who knows? Oh, thanks to those who stuck by here at a distance since I started this venture too.


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This was 4 you Amy, my prayer I wrote you while we waited following your brain surgery. Just click angels

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