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I would like to proudly announce that the Krystal Gallery has taken up residence in a nice little town by the name of Briar Hill! The town is located just down the beaten path from [RoseWood.]
I will also be taking up a personal residence there as well, so stop by for a cuppa tea sometime!
In love-n-light

"Here's a recent photo of me!"

 a simple picture of me. Click for bio.]

Here's also a picture of my "bestest" friend and business partner, Kim!

[My bestest

I am placing this candle here for Toni Bachman, a very special person who has been missing since April 27th, 1997.

Click on the candle to find out more of her story.

The planet Rial
Click picture for a larger version and the history of Rial.

The picture above is a computer generated graphic depicting the planet of Rial. A fictional place in a fantasy/adventure novel I am writing. You can also review the first couple chapters of the novel by [clicking here.]

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I hope you will find much enjoyment here at the Krystal Gallery!

I have tried to offer a sampling here on my main page of the treats that await you upon entering the gallery. I sincerely hope you will browse at your leisure.

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I have put some special [links] on a separate page that are metaphysical and self-empowering by nature. I hope they will bring you joy. At the top of the links page, I have also shared the few awards I've gotten.

All of the works in this gallery that are by D.L.Frost have specific copyright restrictions. Please read the following copyright [copyright symbol] info. For all other artists works please refer to them personally for their coryright info.


Daddy's hat "Daddy's Home!"
by D.Frost '94
Pastel on paper


I am a puzzle--a puzzle am I
I walk 'round this earth
I laugh and I cry

I am a shadow--a shadow am I
I glide round the oak trees
I pass no one by

I am a whisper--a whisper am I
I soar on the breezes
Up toward the sky

I am a question--a question am I
I cannot be answered
I know not why

by D.Frost

Stop over and send healing light to those who desperately need it. You may also add a friend or loved one to the list.

As a blonde (and the topic of many jokes) I feel I have a right to share a little story with you.

"Blonde is a state of mind"

My garage was once used as a practice place for a friend's band.
During a break, while my "brunette" friend and I were having a smoke,
another friend entered the kitchen and asked, "Has anyone seen my
white lighter?" My friend quickly replied, "I don't know. What color is it?"


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