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Typical Bliss

Welcome to the Visible Pumping Heart

Hey there! Now that you've found me click on my picture to see my newest cut paper creation!

Selina Phanara's Web Page!

Want to see a Great movie? Hang with the coolest people in Los Angeles? Have the BEST popcorn in the whole world? Come visit the New Beverly Cinema! You're gonna like it!

This is an old site and there hasn't been a new one. This is my first update in a Very Long tTime and I promise to update more often than I have been. Click around and check things out, there are many hidden links because I am not very good at writing code, so take a look and I hope you enjoy my page!

I am a collage artist who works with cut and colored paper, now you can be one too! Just follow the easy directions above. There's really nothing to it!

Click on the scissors above to see some of my art!


Welcome to The Black and White World

My Friend David painted a picture of me! Go check out his site man! He is a FAMOUS artist! He is also the coolest friend ever.

What's New?

Just click on the sun and see for yourself!

Hi! I have created an art supply fund at paypal and if you want to make a donation all you have to do is click on the button below but make sure you leave me a mailing address so I can thank you properly! Please Note: The above e-whoring really isn't at all. I just needed an easy way for contributors to leave donations, so please don't get weird about it, or me. If you like what you have seen here please sign my guestbook and let me know what you think! Love, Selina

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Central! All
about dreaming!

This is Captain Carl. Here is a memorial webpage for the best friend I ever had (You know what? I STILL to this day miss him with all my heart)


P.O. BOX 10143

Now with the Bunny Dog seal of approval!

Come Back Soon!!!


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