Ahh, the Planet Ellipse, Home Sweet Alien Home...


Pass this page and you will enter an entirely newly dimension: The planet Ellipse.

Your assimilation into Ellipse society will be handled by The Powers That Be. When you hit the Click it, Click it I say! button below you will actually be tapping into a portal control. In scant minutes you will find yourself (and your computer) on the planets surface, in The Primster Domain. The Family will see to all your needs. Ellipse 1 will begin your orientation. Or if you insist on instant gratification you may choose from one of the quickie tours below. You will find that we Ellipsians are a pleasantly grumpy silly opinionated, idiosyncratic and eccentric bunch.

Questions or Comments? Keep them to yourselves. You're not on earth anymore Toto. This is the planet Ellipse, we don't do Questions & Comments.


Now then, press the Click it, Click it I say! and enter THE PRIMSTER DOMAIN.

Ellipse Quickie Tours:

Games : Ellipse 1 Help/Tools: Ellipse 2,3
Comics : Ellipse 4 Primster Corner Too! (Senile meandering masquerading as articles in an attempt to encourage people to check out older Sci-Fi materials) Ellipse 11
Primster Corner (Unbelievably opinionated weekly article by T.P.T.B): Ellipse 5 General Hospital: Ellipse 12
Stellar Interests: Ellipse 6,7,8,9,10, Odds & Ends: Ellipse 13
Sponsor Spotlight: Rousing tribute to the powers behind T.P.T.B.... Sorry, that's it. How much free time do you earth people have anyway?

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