Rt Hon Sir J H Molyneaux


[MP for Lagan Valley, Spokesman for Treasury/Civil Service and Local Government]

The Rt Hon Sir James Molyneaux

Born: 27 August 1920

Lagan Valley since 1983

Political career:
MP for South Antrim 1970-83
Councillor, Antrim Council 1964-73
Honorary Secretary, South Antrim Unionist Association 1964-70
Leader, Ulster Unionist Coalition 1974-77
Leader, Ulster Unionist Parliamentary Party 1974-1995
Leader, Ulster Unionist Party 1979-95

Apolitical affiliations:
Deputy Grand Master, Orange Order
Sovereign Master, Commonwealth Royal Black Institution 1971

Partner in family firm of letterpress printers

Aldergrove School, County Antrim

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