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          See... this is the ultimate product of a weekend gone boring. No fun, no sun. An overcast thriller of a day in Central Ohio and VOILA!... this is what you get. An exciting way to spend your boring day. Aren't you glad you got sucked in?? *hehe* Well since you're here and obviously have nothing better to do anyway, may as well peruse to your heart's merriment. And send me mail. Or mail me a gift. Or something. Yeah, a gift. Do that. Mail me a gift... HEY, and while you're at it: I could use a "Shakes the Clown" video and a "ConeHeads" video to round out my Adam Sandler collection... and a new Garfield bookend, and.... bleh, nevermind :) Anyway, if you want to find out more about me, just click on the links above (Who, What, When, Where, How, Why?). That should give you the scoop, well what there is of it anyways. And by the way, the people in the pic on the right is me and my best friend Jeanette. We've know each other for about hrmm... way too long now :P *hehe* Nah, for about 6 years. She's working on her own website. Soon to be published and I guarantee it to be a dizzying display of all that's retro, hip and way too colorful.

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Okay, so you're STILL reading. Geez, talk about performance anxiety! What do I say now?? Why are you still reading? Actually truth be known, it must be because I'm just so fascinating. Yeah, that's probably it. Thought so. Good. Well... okay, now here's another pic. It's a snapshot of us girlies going to a midnight run of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Left to right is: Mary, Trish, Jeanette, and me. We all were attending Marshall U. at the time, about 3 years ago. Mary and Trish are both respectable schoolteachers now (what the administration don't know won't hurt them!). Jeanette lives in Columbus, OH close to where I live and is working in her field of Psychology (i knew there was a reason she's friends with me). I, on the 4th hand, am still trying to figure it all out. I'll let you know when it happens :P In the meantime, stroll on... take your little standard-issue mouse and point your way through the labyrinth of the online representation of my life in a nutshell. Go on! First one to figure me out gets to leave :)