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Janet Lynnford
History with a Woman's Touch!

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The 16th century comes alive in Lynnford's skillful hands as she immerses you in the passions of the past.

Lynnford's women are strong, independent, and passionate as they move through history and make their mark on the world.

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Bride of Hearts
(ISBN 0-451-40854-4)

The fifth in Lynnford's Cavandish family tales, Bride of Hearts is the story of Matthew Cavandish, who has just returned from the wild Caribbean. One midsummer night, a brooding lord saves a woman as beautiful and mysterious as a fairy queen from an assassin's arrow. It is their first encounter, but it is not to be their last. . .
A Seafaring Lord

Matthew Cavandish returns from two years at sea to discover that a lady of ethereal beauty has taken his rebellious teenage son under her wing. He soon rescues this lady from certain death, and she reciprocates with a keen insight into his heart . . . but vanishes into the night without revealing her identity. . . .

A Virgin Widow

Cordelia Hailsworthy can't imagine why anyone would want to kill her. While she's sparked controvery at court by ignoring social rank at her unique card parties, her unconventional ways are hardly enough to mark her for death. Her only comfort is the child she has grown to love as her own--the child of the uncompromising baron who is now charged with protecting her life. . . .

"Janet Lynnford has a magical gift for drawing readers into the story and into the hearts of her characters. --Patricia Rice

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Other books by Janet Lynnford . . .

Lord of Lightning

(ISBN 0-451-40685-0) is an electrifying romance! The action and romance go hand in hand . . . from the first page to the titillating conclusion!"
--The Literary Times

"A captivating tale that will hold you spellbound!"

--Patricia Rice

Pirate's Rose
--The first novel in Lynnford's intricately woven 16th-century tapestry of her stunning Cavandish family tales, a series about the children of England's richest merchant.

More praise for Janet Lynnford's Pirate's Rose (ISBN 0-451-40597-8):

"Pirate's Rose

(ISBN 0-451-40597-8), Lynnford's first book, is just the kind of dynamic, spirited, richly detailed romance I love to read. I expect great things from this author."
--Linda Lael Miller

NY Times Bestselling author of Pirates & Knights

"Janet Lynnford captures the lush sensuality of the Elizabethan period with effortless skill. Rich in passion and intrigue and blessed with a vibrant heroine and a winning hero, Pirate's Rose is a delightful romantic adventure."

--Teresa Medeiros

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