letter from the editor

Dear Spongers,

Welcome to the Dirty Sponge. Here you'll be able to find great poetry, stories, letters, ideas, and random thoughts all contributed from readers such as you. Each writing I add to the Sponge is one more ounce of muscle used to fight against censorship. And only the readers, you, can help me to do that.

Censorship is a useless and pointless battle. It stems from the traditions of the narrow-minded. It's a fruitless effort to hide "virgin" ears from what they already know. Censorship, in basic form, is denial of what exists against some peoples moral and ethical values. It's one thing to have your own beliefs...it's another to make-believe that you can hide them from others simply because you disagree with them. Each person in this entire creation has a right to themselves and their own thoughts, but trying to hide what we know exists through censorship is just plain stupid.

This ezine was created because I submitted poems with the words "shit" and "fuck" to my literary magazine, and they were not printed. The words were used about once each, and I guess that was one too many words my school's magazine could handle. I don't know of anyone who's never heard a curse before. Do you? It's completely pointless. The Sponge does not discriminate or bias or judge you in any way. It's a place where you're free to manifest your mind. Self-expression is a right everyone is entitled to, and those fighting for censorship are limiting that basic human right. Excercise what you think and feel.

How do you feel on the topic of censorship? Write me and let me know. Thanks.



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