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AOA Revelations by
Prelate Scott Summers has everything a mutant could want: a high ranking postion in the forces of Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister for a father, a powerful brother and all the priviledges that such power brings. Why, in the end did he betray them all? Come see what revelations he had.

A Daughter's Love By Admiral Draala
Feelings expressed over a trajic event.

A Song of Morning by Tapestry
The tale of the AOA Dawn. Dawn is abducted and placed in the Gene pens where she meets Glenn. She saves herself and Glenn in time to help rescue Gen Next from the Core.

Alternate X-Men by Micheal Triggs
Alternate X-Men stories that are the author's take on what should have happened in the comics books. These stories start with X-Men #40.

An Alternate Ending By Flame Wraith
The author's version of what happened to the Gen-X kids in LA after the fire storm.

After the Cake is Cut by Admiral Draala
Cable and Rachel sit down and talk after Scott and Jean's wedding.

Ashes in the Wind by Chris Delaney
An elseworlds story that has a different take on what happened when the Shadow King had his hold over the people on Muir Island.

Beyond the Door by Geoff Jones
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This story does not have the X-Men in it but it is a good story.

Blood on my Hands by Adam Bourret
An apocalyptic "What if...Wolverine had led the X-Men" story.

Butterflies and Their Fates by Adam Bourret
Kwannon meets Betsy for the first time in Britian, long before Betsy evn met the X-Men.

Children Yet Unborn by Corina Borsuk
Jean and Scott think about the prospect of having a child.

Children of the Atom by Flame Wraith
Emma Frost picks up a new mutant adn gets more than she bargins for when Genoshan assassins come after her.

Cold Memories by Supereub X
Bobby leaves the X-Men after his dad is killed by Graydon Creed's thuga and the story focuses on Bobby and problems he encounters after he leaves the X-Men. After Uncanny X-Men 340.
Cold Memories
This is an alternate version of Cold Memories by the same author.

The Coming by Jason Deshayes
Some one new joins the Gen-X team by the name of Psylance. For those Blink fans, she has
returned to the team.

The Date by Kielle
This is what happens when Jamie Madrox sets up Strong Guy for a blind date.

Dear Child by Deinonychus
Bishop tells Luna a story to help her go to sleep.

Dear Valentine by Corina Borsuk
Rogue plans a special Valentine's day for Remy that just might not happen.

Extremes by Jeffery Howell
This story is about young teenagers that find out about what it means to be a mutant and a teenager, involving everyday problems to the everyday super-villain.

Forgotten Trails by Cannonball (Jerod W. Fish)
This is a short story about what happens to the X-Teams in the future. It mainly stars Paige and Angelo and has an appearance by Jubilee.

Free Mutants by Don Jarvis
Lila Cheney drops in on the Vanisher and Multiple Man and tells them to rescue Strong Guy because Armor Geddon is out to destroy them.

Great X-Pectations by Suzene Compos
Stories about Excalibur.

Hell to Pay by Suzene Compos
An Angel and a Demon, need I say more?

Here There Be Tygers by Sean Venning
Sabertooth is sent to a reality were there are no mutants. Wolverine and Jean are sent after him by Roma, where they just happen to run into two certain FBI agents.

Just Lucky I Guess by DDuAnn Cowart
Cable has women problems, Domino and Storm, lucky guy!

JXL- The Junior Xavier League by Charlie Rogers
The X-Men are training a new team of mutants, the JXL.

Last Generation by Martha McMahon
Takes place 300 years after the death of the X-Men. These mutants are now being trained to defend themselves and earth against an alien race.

The Light and the Darkness by Liana Devereaux
An incredible girl runs into the X-Men, learning to trust again and leaves quite an impression.

Loves of Future Not Be by Suzene Compos
Think "Days of Future Tense" (Excalibur 94) with a Romantic twist. This story is kind of a downer, so wait until you are in a good funk before you read it.

Mind Over Matter by Liz Roth
Wolverine #100 ended in tragedy. In this version of the Marvel Universe, Elektra stayed dead and Yawnslaught never awoke. Here, Logan faced the darkness with only one glimmer of hope...

Mystic Shores by Supereub X
Gambit is hurt and he has a dream where he helps to save a word from Apocalypse. Or was it a dream?

Mystery Valentine by Supereub X
Jubilee receives a valentine, from an unlikely source.

Never More by Patrick J. Sahlstrom
A story from Emma Frost's past.
Warning: This story contains maintains mature matter.

Return to Aberlie by Supereub X
After an all outwar against forces they have definately underestimated, 4 X-Men are transported into a way too familiar mystical land, now he is lost, freezing and near death, but Remy must find someway to find his friends in a land he once thought was a dream.

Revelations by Chrissy Votulle
A new character is revealed to have some unexpected relations to some of the X-Men.

Shadow Walker by Nimue Morin
Rogue, Remy and a mysterious little girl.

Six Circles by Flame Wraith
Penance is the only one that can save the school from an evil, life devouring monster who wants to take over Gen-X and eventually the world.

Strange and Hidden Faces by Adam Bourret
A character examination of why Archangel is such a whinny ass about his metal wings.

Stranger in a Strange Land by Constance Jean Desselle
What would you do if you were suddenly flung into the middle of the Marvel Universe? Would you ask questions? Could you fix bad writing and characterization? All this, plus adventure, and the church of Ellis can be found in this story (well sooner or later anyway).

Subreality Cafe- What Happens Now? Musings of a Character by Admiral Draala
A new chapter in the Subreality Cafe.
Visit the Subreality Cafe

Temporal Distortion By Geoff Jones
A kind of anti-Summers story line that, like most other story lines involves time travel. Unlike Marvel, the continuity should work out in the end.
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The Test by Francisco Charrua
Some one visiting Xavier's school challenges the Gen X kids to a servival test.

The Ties That Bind by Admiral Draala
Gambit always thought that Jean-Luc LeBeau found him on the streets of New Orleans as a child. Now everything that Gambit believes begins to fall apart, with the discovery of a mutant by the name of Ricochet.

To Burn Out or Fade Away by Robert Coakley
Franklin Richards meets baby Rachel and copes with his lack of a future.

Tribute: Gene Potential by Geoff Jones
A story about the impact of death of one of the X-Men on the team.
Note: When e-mailing the author please put Geoff Jones in the Subject box.

Winds of Change by Scott Kruse and Robin Alarcon
After Creed's assassination, the X-Teams under go reconstruction to deal with the up coming mutant hysteria that follows.

Men/Muppet Cross Over by N
The one cross over you never thought possible has just happened.

X-Force: Shattered Perceptions by Tim Frankovich
Shatterstar is taken to Mojoverse and X-Force is hot on his trail.

X-Leap by Marty Blase
Sam Beckett leaps into the body of Charles Xavier, during LegionQuest.

X-Men: Red by Chris Delaney

X-Squadron by Don Jarvis
Charles Xavier opens his school to normal humans as he forms a new X-Team.

X-Writer's Saga by Chris Delany
Stories that take place after X-Men 45 and are the author's original stories about the Shadow King.

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