Idle musings of an ordinary housewife

Important new additions to this page:
Recommended books for
gardening including "No-till", organic gardening, composting, food self sufficiency etc.
All you need to know about food preservation, storage, Dutch Oven cooking and more!
and survival into the new Millenium.
Essential Crafts - Soap and Candle making.
Creative Crafts - Pottery, Knitting, Weaving with wheat and straw and much more!
Alternative Building, Woodwork and More
Entertainment without Electricity Card games, chess, fun stuff for kids young and old!
Loads of Alternative health and remedy books


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I have archived the first nine pages of this journal. You can still find the pages here

Page Ten - Photographs
Page Eleven - The Move -5/09/97
Page Twelve - Settling in...Sept-Oct.1997
Page Thirteen - Stocksense
Page Fourteen - Calf Capers
Page Fifteen - Holy Cow!
Page Sixteen - Changes
Page Seventeen - Spring Update

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