A Time To Remember

As I die I live for immortality


(1) I was born into poverty from ignorance, destined for more.

(2) 1955 marked my time:East of Eden made a scene, as did Rosa Parks,
inspiring a dream in the wake of three assinations, as the world turned to face the moon.

(3) My home was filled with confusion layered in love.

(4) I found school, never wanting summer to come.

(5) Every Tuesday at Dietrich Elementary an older red-haired woman
brought music filled with lyrics into my life.

(6) I had a notion that every boy in my town thought I was cute.
My young heart was full of delusion.

(7) I survived this and that.

(8) I wrote between the lines unable to recognize any truth in my poetry.

(9) My youth sprawled out before me, lasting forever.
Winters were bitter and each Spring was full of false hope-

(10) Until I met his unexpected acts of love.

(11) Our needs were greater than common sense.

(12) Converting to a better understanding, I chose life.

(13) Children were created making me a mother of daughters;
I thought my heart would break from so much love.

(14) Ordinary days and nights filled moments passing quickly.

(15) Parents are taken for granted, until they are taken by death;
taking a piece of us to the grave.

(16) I entered the house I once called home to find it empty of material things and a mother I loved.

(17) L’Dor, V’Dor, From generation to generation children learn to go on -
The world whips outside my heart waiting to break it like glass.

(18) Nostalgia hovers in shadows and old TV shows. I don’t recognize once familiar
faces, or voices that now shake in age; this is the future.

(19) As I wait, I write no longer between lines; I write to be heard,
and felt, and believed as one who knew love.

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