Herman Brood: "Pianoplayer, Dope Addict , Singer, Painter, Poet, But most of all the only real Dutch Rock 'n Roll Artist."

Herman Brood was born the 5th november of 1946 in the city Zwolle (The Netherlands). In 1964 Herman went to the academy of arts where he stayed for only three months. At that time he discovered music and rock 'n roll. In '64 he formed a band named "The Moans". Later Herman was asked by Harry Muskee to join "Cuby & The Blizards". At this time a greater audience discovered Herman Brood. But he became a drugs addict, and the record company decided to throw him out of the band.

After a few years of silence, Herman contacted the manager Koos v. Dijk in 1976. He decided to make a solo carrier and together with his band 'Wild Romance' he recorded his first record named 'Street'

After a change of some bandmembers in 1978, he released his second record called 'Shpritsz'. With this record he became very famous in Europe. In The same year he made a movie called 'Cha Cha' and in 1979 he went on tour in the USA. Maybe some people know Herman Brood by his (hit) single 'Saturday Night'.

At the end of the eighties Herman Brood made his comeback with the new releases 'Yada Yada' and 'Hooks' (and the single 'Sleepin' Bird'). Since then Herman Brood is famous as 'The only real Dutch Rock 'n Roll artist'. A lot of publicity on TV, radio and magazines made him a real 'Rock' legend. He is also well known as a painting artist. In '96 Herman celebrated his 50th birthday with a special concert where a lot of his friends appeared to play 'Rock 'n Roll' with Herman Brood.

Herman Brood released a new album in 1999 called "Back on the Corner". It's a Swing and Jazz album recorded with a big band. It contains some great classics of Duke Ellington, Willie Dison and Mose Allison. It's a totaly different album than the older ones.

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Band during his carrier:

-Herman Brood: Vocals, Keyboards
-Freddie Cavalli-Bass
-Ivo Severijns-Bass
-Gee Carlsberg-Bass
-'Ani' Meerman-Drums
-Roy Bakker-Drums
-Gus Genser-Drums
-Danny Lademacher-Gitaar
-David Hollestelle-Gitaar


-Hennie Vrienten-Vocals
-Bertus Borgers-Sax
-Neppy Noya-Percussion
-Nina Hagen-Vocals
-Boris Vanderlek-Sax
-Sjef van Oekel