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"I will either find a way or I will make one..." --Sir Phillip Sidney

I have hits: WAAY too many people visiting my site!!

Welcome to the most recent version of "a trip inside Paul's head". Please keep all arms, fingers, toes, and miscellaneous fruits and vegetables inside the car at all times. The main page, the bio page, and the new, pictures of me, page are updated. You can find my old links here, but they're getting dusty! Oh, if you wanna go to some of my friends pages, click on the friends thing below--their pages are embedded in that document. Thanks for visiting! send me your url (click on the devil to send me email) if you want to be added. Hopefully, I will have a guestbook online some time soon. Thanks for visiting!

A Public Service Announcement from the BOBS:

(yes, it's a link too, to some kick ass rockapella!) MY BIO IS HERE!! MY PSYCH PAPERS ARE HERE!!!! They include crap about: Skinner's Contributions to Thorndike's Conditioning Applied to Rat Olympics Recognizing and Dealing With Diffusion of Responsibility The Use of Tolman's Principles Instead of Skinner's Principles The Effects of Caffeine on Memory and Learning (A collection of review articles)

Okay, I already left a note saying that my homepage SUCKS!!! Well, I've decided that since it sucks so bad, I'm just gonna dedicate it to stuff that sucks (Sorry sickos, not that meaning of the word "suck"). At any rate, I am quickly aquiring links to stuff that sucks: GWAR, Green Jello, Beavis and Butthead, Polyester, The Church of Euthenasia, eggs, wicker baskets, bran muffins, and much much more!!!
The Virtual Hitman
An Explaination
My friends are great!!! Dating a la psychology Check out the stories I'm working on... Though they aren't really stories I guess. Just some thoughts I have. I guess I'll just invite you to eavesdrop on my thoughts instead then... Goin' to the movies No Sun

My Virtual Reality links.... You've gotta love soap! I like eggs.

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