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Most of the articles, poems, perspectives, whatever, that you find on this page were written by non-professionals. Most are messages from the heart, expressing philosophical beliefs, emotions, other personally important views. They are statements that I agree with, and in most cases, wish I had written.

She Stood Before Me Written by Nathan Burgoine as one of his first posts to alt.cuddle. Sadly, I don't remember exactly why he posted the piece. In any case, the words belie his youth, and at age 22 Nathan has a view of his world that is truly beautiful. In his note to me authorizing me to publish his work he states "I tend to wander a world looking for new things to notice, like how the winds through autumn leaves sounds like a waterfall." Well Nathan, keep wandering, keep wondering and keep writing.

A Child's Dream Written by Rae Barton, daughter of a beloved Princess of CuddleLand, when she was nine years old. Even at the tender age of nine, Rae was able to ask what may be one of the most important questions anyone can ask, and I paraphrase her, "What are the limits of ones dreams?". Of her daughter, our Princess says "A daughter, sister, and a wife. A shining star." And when you read the shortest piece on this page you will agree that Rae, even at age nine, was a "shining star." Thank You for permisson to share your poem Rae, you are a beautiful person.

Desiderata These words were found in Old Saint Paulís Church, Baltimore. They were dated 1692. If you are having a tough time, if you need a spiritual uplift, this is for you.

Return To Love Written by the Sweet Sara of CuddleLand, our own Delightful Dane. This piece moves from pain and sorrow back to inner strength and beauty in just a few lines. Almost everyone has "been there", and this piece will bring back memories of returning to life, returning to love.

Tiernan's Magic Carousel Created by Joanne, this short story conveys the caring and empathy that permeates alt.cuddle. "Snow lay all around CuddleLand, blanketing the Fabled Realm in perfect layers of pristine white, glittering with tiny ice crystals where the moonlight danced." And with that beginning, Joanne relates the second (hopefully) annual Christmas Carousel Story.

Carousel Memories The only writer to have two pieces on my pages, Joanne has again created a work that conveys the attitude of care and tenderness that makes the alt.cuddle group what it is. In this piece she teaches us that the love that we have for those who have passed on can be kept alive in our hearts.

Beauty Created by Carl Brennan, this is simply a beautiful poem. This page would be incomplete without it.

A Man's Soul. Created by Andrew Paul Skelton, this work captures the philosophy a man who is, in every sense of the word, a Gentleman. Today, September 26, 1996 he posted a writing to the alt.cuddle newsgroup which he calls A Man's Soul. With his permission I have reprinted it here. If you fail to read this short writing you are indeed missing something very special.

A Note To Karen. Created by Thomas Lindemuth, this short piece captures the caring, friendship, and love prevalent in alt.cuddle. It is reprinted here with the blessings of Karen and Tom, and my thanks to them for sharing it with us.

Life Is Risk. Author: Unknown I'm not really sure why this is important. Perhaps because it is as close to a definition of *living* ones life as I have seen.

Newbie Welcome Poem. Author: Jelliebun, who is also the beauteous Janice of the North. Janice wrote this unique, friendly piece to honor the new members of the alt.cuddle group, friendliest place on the whole usenet thingie. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Arrival of The Squire In my opinion this is the best newbie post ever to alt.cuddle. It combines just about everything the group stands for. Caring, strength, chivalry, honor, and friendship are presented in a powerful, moving scene. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Big Thanks to Len Hayward, The Squire.

A Wedding in Camelot The Texas Cuddlbug and Galahad, in honor of the wedding of Gentle Mike and the Lovely Lady Marina, created a fantasy wedding for the couple. It appeared in alt.cuddle in two installments, and is shown here in it's entirety.

Winnie the Cuddlewitch Weds Cuddlbug and Galahad again put fingers to keyboard in honor of the wedding of CuddleLands sweet Winnie, the Cuddlewitch.

My Vision Just a short piece written by yours truly. Some say it's my Polyanna Perspective coming through, I say, if you don't have a vision you can't strive for anything.

"Adventurer Across Time" is not the title of this piece, it's only a descriptive name that I have bestowed upon it. It is a large .jpg file that captures the essence of how the greatness of a man does not change simply because of the century he happens to be born into. Created by one of my favorite artists, Sorayama

See you later and have a nice day.

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