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Have we chatted.. especially in the SoHo Loft chat, 1995-97?

Enquiring minds want to know anything newsy about SoHo friends, but here are suggestions:

  • where you are, what you're doing,
  • where & when you chat, and your current name(s),
  • ICQ? Your # for your friends to contact?
  • your website URL(s) and your email addy,
  • and which tall buildings you've recently leaped in a single bound. Or something like that..? *grin*

You can email me, or use this form, or even the guestbook, below. And please send info that I can cut-and-paste to this site, since lots of people are updating now.



    Latest news from former SoHo chatters:

    Friends who've contacted me, sort of in alphabetical order:

    Chatnames starting with letters A - L

    (Click here for chatnames M - Z)

    • Aisling (that's me), is living happily ever in New England (after give years in TX) with a wonderful artist. (I met him online when my previous marriage was crumbling.) My info's at, or even my LJ at, where I'm "aisling," of course.

    • The immortal and ever-colorful Anadine, aka Laura, has been in Idaho where she is studying journalism in college. Her simply amazing and brilliant website is at {Go ahead, click and see what she's doing!) She's been living with our own Bonanza Jellybean for two years now, and they're doing well. Also, she visited Trystessa in SF with yet another SoHo Loft chatter, Lou ... this is SO cool!

    • Woooooohoo! We've heard from Ann! Yep, Ann from Thailand writes to us, reporting, "Hi there.. *hug hug* i remember i started chatting at soho on the 2nd of Aug, 1996. And cried on the last day of Oct, 97 that they closed it. i met so many friends there, and still keep in touch till now. it's great huh? Thank you Joefie for forwarding me this news. i tried to chat after that but i found out that there's no place like soho, so i don't chat nowaday. i just use icq and my # 13200383. my homepage

      Do hope to chat with you guys soon :-- joe/f, Sandy, huppe, koala, madduck, thor, saint, jonathan, sam i am, tattava, arten boxer (would like to see you bounce again.. *S*), susie, goddess..... miss you guys.."

    • Annie42 says, "You can reach me at I miss chatting with you all... and want to reconnect with everyone too. Write when you are able. And.... Looking for kat42... hope to find her too.

    • Anonytom, aka Tom Mayo or Tomya, is now a journalist, living in Bath ( know, the Jane Austen place *grin*) and he was writing/editing at SFX magazine, which he describes as the "biggest, best science-fiction magazine in the universe." (Yes, Tom is still humble, too! *chuckle*) He's painfully single (so he claims, but I suspect this charming, witty, handsome lad has an active social life), and hasn't really chatted since the demise of the Loft.

      Latest news from the illustrious Anonytom included a new job with the same company's latest publication, with a focus on Magic, The Gathering. You can email him at his appropriately named address:

    • Netra and PaulArten Boxer and Kangaroo Boxer (Paul), her true love, left Canada for Australia on 7 December 1999, and married on 8 January 2000. For pix of their wedding and their Canadian adventures, including pix of our own GreyWolf and Maddog too, check the Boxers' website. Catch Arten online at ICQ #1125459 or email her at

      Arten/NetraAnd, here's her update for the 2001 Reunion: "Kangaroo Boxer and I have settled nicely into married life and doing the whole suburban thing. While there are no little patters of kangaroo feet, we're keeping busy and trying to travel a great deal.

      Our website ( has undergone a HUGE revamp, and now includes lots of pics from our holiday, of our apartment, the Olympics in Sydney and much more! I've also started my own little website called which keeps me busy as well.

      We're looking forward to Reunion 2001 and hope to see everyone there!!!

      P.S. Grey Wolf might be coming to visit us in Australia later this year!!!"

    • For Ash news, see FiendASH, below.

    • Astral is still in college at Binghamton, NY and studying computers. In addition to being a full-time student, he's also working two jobs: one in retail, the other at IBM, so he doesn't really chat anymore. However, you might be able to catch him online when he's checking email, as astralself on AIM, or (rarely) on ICQ (#4168944). Astral has been biking, working out, and is going to be taking rockclimbing at Cornell and of course snowboarding is on the horizon. For the past two years, he's been happily living with Fay (who was known as Cupidie in SoHo) - check her info in the next list, below. Astral would love to hear from anyone and everyone, and his new email addy is:

    • aThENa has so much news, I've created a page just for her! Visit it by clicking here!

    • Azariphale writes 7/01 with this news: "I'm aka Az, Crowley, Totterama, birdie...can't remember any more.. the list is embarrasingly long! My actual name is Emma, or Em. I was chatting at SoHo until it was closed down and remember anadine, bonanza jellyfish, joe/f (who told me about this page!) tinny, benson, ash...mysterylady...oh, loads more too. I also hung out at Vienna chatting with Queenie and DaZe.

      I have two websites, one is at, and the other is at I'm still a primary school teacher, but am now only teaching part time as I gave up full time work to spend more time as a printmaker. The printmaking is going very well. I also still write the occasional website, and have Tim (timmy?) from SoHo to thank for starting me out with HTML.

      My email is I am occasionally on IM, as etcher67. I don't chat much nowadays, but the jounral is almost as good fun. Almost. I d love to hear from anyone from the old SoHo days!"

    • We've located the elusive and brilliant Baskerville, who's at Imperial College in Sunningdale, Berkshire.

    • Beth, aka Kitiara/Dayinara says, "Oh Dear..i have so many new websites....after Soho i went to Tokyo where i took up the name "Amalfia Matar" a vampire and am all over the Amalfias kid.."Magadlena" and i also have a Amazon Char "Merridan" mostly In the Webmaze chat circut and and my Icq is 113920409 (CJsKitten) and MSN email try As of this moment I am in a very great and loving has been 11 months so far and me and Connie (the CJ in my q) and things look VERY VERY good...~grins lots~ I work at Petsmart...a a cashier....and it Sucks lots!!! But its money! More later! Ciao!!!"

    • Nathalie, SoHo's favorite Black Cat, turned 21 on November 18th (1999). She is very busy studying law at the University, and living in Quebec City with her cat, but she may move to Ontario next year. With her studies, she doesn't have much time for chat now, but she'd happily hear from others on ICQ where her number is #3100459. Also, she's changed her e-mail to, so drop her a note and say hi!

    • Buck, an infrequent chatter from 1996, left me a note saying that he's still in school and still writing.

    • Jason, the former Captain Caveman, says he is still breathing and studying (English major) in Tallahasee, and he wants to move. He has a (poetic, despite his AIM name! *grin*) homepage at, chats in ICQ (#1927806) as rust, at AIM as nvrpoetic, and there's always email: take your choice of or the easier-to-remember Find him in chat or drop him a note!

    • Looking for Dave? See Frogurt, below.

    • Deerblue chats in ICQ as "blue*" and has email at - did I ever reveal that for the first week or two of SoHo Loft chat, I thought she was male? Boy, was that embarrassing! *LOL* She is very definitely female!

    • Delores del Ruby has a wonderful online journal at her website, and is in Pittsburgh studying English Writing. (It seems to me that anyone named "Delores del Ruby" was born to be a successful writer! *grin*) She misses Bonanza Jellybean (and looks forward to her next visit), and Delores can be found at ICQ (1603762) or on AIM as "marimbitch", or you can email her.

    • Dragon-Rose/~roSey~ moved from Mississippi to Indiana to be with MINOTAUR. (But Ronfar and daZey are still in Mississippi, for now.) Dragon-rose is working on a new website (I can't wait to see what she'll do next!), but still has a truly lovely site at Area51/5104, with cool and cute dragon pix (of course!) If you're ICQ-ing, you can find her at #2950237.

      Previous update: "~roSey~ has moved up in the world... Cable internet baby... Also.. I'm cracking out several new sites.. .One is for a business some friends and I are starting.. Another is for a LARP game that MINOTAUR and I are currently involved in and the third is my new personal page... I'm also going to update the old geocities page.. But don't look for it to change too much.. Only to the point that the links should work and maybe a change in the guestbook.. lol..."

      In January 2001, here's her news: "new email change... look for me now at (Just for those who might wonder it still means Dragon-rose... ICQ number is still the same... and I'm also on AIM (LtlStalker), MSN messenger (please don't use that as the emailing addy... I don't check it much) and yahoo messenger though I can't remember my handle at the moment...

      In other news.. I'm working on a business... A spiritual bookstore... LOL.. who would have thought... Oh... and MINOTAUR and I are officially engaged... No date set yet... monetary reasons... Well.. I think that's about it for now... ~roSey~

    • Dreamer/Mr. Fathead/Mad Hatter (brother of Technogoddess), aka Mike, has been on ICQ and also recommends the Upper Deck for chats. He doesn't have a homepage right now, but has email.

    • e. magill is our SoHo Chatters' Reunion organizer and hero.

      e says, "I finished writing my first full-length novel a year ago and have been, ever since, attempting to publish it. I have rejections up the wazoo, but I am no less determined and no less faithful in believing that this book will make it out there soon enough. Besides, if it doesn't, I do have a new book on the way.

      As for my techno band, Duality, we have been working hard, despite the fact that we are split between two different cities with all of our equipment in a third.

      If you visit our site (, you will notice that we don't have many new songs up, but we are secretly working on a new album (entitled Gullible Devin and Her Down-Syndrome Cat) and are rehearsing for a possible live act to be put on in Gainesville, Tampa, or Orlando by the end of next year. Other than that, I have nothing new to report, aside from finishing college and being thrown into the real world (no real job yet, but I'll keep you posted). Oh yeah, and I am also on AIM as emagill00."

      You can email e at

    • Erynne says, "Also the Queen of Dirtnap First Commander, and All Rapes in the SoHo Loft..~LOL~ Me still in Jersey (in the ghetto.. twitch twitch) wif my sisters Elisabeth (Dayinara/Kitiara from SoHo) and Erica (LexusNeon)[see her listing, below] and Elaine and rocking two jobbies. One for Family Game Rooms and Ames Drug Store. Both boring, but hey.. money is money. I have visited Dave (The Frogurt) and Joel and his bizzzzotch have come here to see my beautiful self. Still rocking with Rayvinmina.. ~EEH BOO KNEE~ My icq is 2604945. I have been into Roleplaying online nad that is what I usually am doing when online."

    • Fairyvixen, writes that she's "attending college at the University of Tennessee where I plan to major in playwrighting (and learning to use capital letters, see, I'm getting better all the time). New and very steady boyfriend that actually lives here." She doesn't chat or ICQ anymore, but you can email her at Or check out her very pink and brilliantly artistic homepage at

    • The wandering and always-cryptic Father Rutager contacted me, and here's his own update: "father rutager alive....just expanding my mind with the help of my dusty friends...dont live in any particular place....just roam around.... peace, the father of nothing." That came from an email of, which may be his address... or not? *grin and shrug* The great Father has always been one of my favorite SoHo chatters...!

    • FiendASH updates us with this news: "homepage : icq : 3839951. currently in adelaide australia. where am chatting... not alot now a days... mainly icq... probably veeerryyy early morning america or whatever time i choose to be on basically. status : relationship. work/study : working for major australian isp. hobbies : drinking... throwing up... drinking some more... calling people poofters... hanging around the house being sexy with me sexy aussie accent... being king goth...yeah... ummm thats it. if you ever need a photo section or whatever lemmi know... or any other details... oh yeah emailcurrent or if you dont get a reply from that in a week or so (ie i've changed isp's)

    • Frogurt (aka Dave) says, "Chatting on in #rpg-lighthouse Working at Wawa, going to college at The College of New Jersey (Trenton State) as a CompSci Major. Joined Markland and probably joining SCA, anyone else in that? Still living on the Jersey Shore, still driving a Jetta, still spending way too much time online." He has a homepage at (Tripod's been having probs lately, so keep checking if you don't get to his site right away), and his email is still His IM is afrogurt, and you'll find him at ICQ 2259049.

    • Geoff, AnonyTom's roommate during university days, is working at Primark in London, and still living in East Grinstead. He'll be getting married on 1 Sep 2001 (the best man will be our own AnonyTom, of course) with a private reception at a llama farm and vineyard. Geoff's old website lingers like a wonderful melody, at G. J. Teale.

    • Gina's news is listed below, where she's lacorbeau.

    • Green-Eyed Girl, otherwise known as Greenie and Songmage, says, "I chatted some of you and met with Joel in Virginia, and if any of you know how to contact Meadowlark, whom I used to live with, I'd be much obliged. I'm also trying to get a hold of Rohoan/Jonothan after my long absence. You can contact me at ..... Love, Miranda"

    • GreyWolf, aka Trent Newton, doesn't have a homepage right now, but is still in Kitchener, Ontario (Canada), working in Guelph, and can be reached at . See Arten Boxer's note above, for pix of GreyWolf too.

    • Gumdrops, aka Laurie, has signed into the guestbook, below. Be sure to visit her inspiring, artistic website, and check out her cloth dolls while you're there. Like me, she's a fan of dollmaker and wildwoman elinor peace bailey. Cooool!

    • For news about Jack(NC), check the info from Sheila, below.

    • Jag, aka DarkJag, says, "A lot has changed since my old SoHo days....I was the guy that had witty repartees with the drunks to drive them out....and I was later to be remembered as darkjag from the reincarnation of geo chat sites.....and was found singing quite a bit......and lets not forget my whirlwind romance w/ Joe/f.... ahh those were the it is mostly chatting @ work and longing to see my daughter after i get off of work....I have a happy little chatter-to-be, she is 2 yrs old now....and my life is better now than it was before......" Jag's website is at SoHo/Park/1921 (complete with photo), and you can email him at

    • small photo of Joe/fJoe/f, aka Joefie, sends love and a big hug to everyone. She rarely chats anymore, but when she does, it's in the Restaurant. In Sept 2000, she said: "I'm becoming a mom in December and married in March (wedding and christening combined). [Ais notes: Her Prince Charming is Frederik, or course.] I now work for Manpower and actually having fun with it. I've heard that Manpower treat their employees bad in the States but over here it's not the case! I no longer have a homepage.. I deleted it in a weak moment *L* well.. that's me you know.." She is on ICQ at #1551427. She's still in Sweden, where she's attended the University of Lund. [Click on her photo to see a larger photo, with more of her in it!]

      Recent news: Joe/f has had a baby girl, born January 8th, and had a lovely wedding, click here to see the photo!

    • Joel has reported in, and he's graduated from college. He lets us know that he has moved to Durham, NC with the beautiful Briana, and, in his own words, "The whole family (minus brother Josh) already lives here, and my mom (Lynn, Mystery Lady, whatever) is an RN in the neurology department at Duke University Hospital. I'm still in the Army Reserve, and was named 1998-1999 78th Division Soldier of the Year (my one accomplishment thus far)." He's found a job as an administrative specialist for a major pharmaceutical company. Sounds pretty impressive to me, Joel! You can catch Joel (as, of course, "Joel") on ICQ (1188790), or email him at his new email: And though Yahoo/GeoCities, blundering along as usual, jerked Joel's great website (SunsetStrip/Alley/4995), he still has one at

    • If you're looking for Jonathan (different from Jonathon Stooner), aka Sir Jonathan, knight of dark Intentions, JV, and Jonathan Veinsear, he chats on ICQ now, #62915104

    • Jonathon Stooner says, "ASU crashed out (in other words, I transfered to the wrong college...hehe). anywho, I can be reached @ webpage: classic is there, but: is my new home :) anywho, looking for a job while I decide on whether or not ASU is really willing to accept me (that's a story in and of itself) Hope to see ya @ the reunion!"

      See Jono's "classic" site at

    • Tragic news about our longtime friend Killer Queen, aka Jim Carney. You may remember him as the artist & architecture student from Tulane. He and his girlfriend were killed in a car accident in New Orleans, in early August 2001. His car was hit by someone who ran a stop sign. For more info, see our memorial page.

    • Right before the 2000 reunion, I met the witty Knifemorr in the new SoHo chat. Knifemorr's still on the sunny NJ shore, now a senior at Southern Regional High School, and working at a video rental/auto parts store. (You'll remember Knifemorr if you chatted at the old SoHo in late 1997, shortly before GC Java'd the chat into oblivion. *sigh* Knifemorr's a friend of our own Flying Squirrel.)

    • It's time for the spotlights, or at least the footlights: Kory, currently at university in Oklahoma, appears with Stryc9 at and on AIM as aliasofkory. Prefer email? Reach Kory at I think I want a cyber-autograph, Kory! *grin*

    • Kurt (from Vienna), aka Shawn, started ChatWorld in 1997. It included GeoChats, where we had our 2000 SoHo Reunion.

      Aisling reports: The concept was wonderful; since GeoCities apparently didn't care to continue the chat format we loved, Kurt picked up the ball and ran with it. For awhile, it was great! Instant flashback. Chatting with old SoHo friends, in a familiar format. I loved it.

      However, it's probably no surprise that Yahoo/GeoCities wanted the GeoChat name for their very own. *sigh* He had to sell the name to Yahoo/GeoCities, and his SoHo chat is now closed.

      In my personal opinion, Y/GC is being a complete dog-in-the-manger about this. But hey, since when do they listen to me? *chuckle and sigh, again*

      Anyway, Kurt's now working on fabulous new projects, and you can follow his glorious pursuits at and the new

    • lacorbeau, aka Gina, is still at and her email is still Her ICQ is 3359941. She says, "Yes, we have a beautiful little son named Alex Tam-Minh, and I invite all to go and see him. I so miss our loft, no where else compares. Fast approaching 35 on July 10."

    • Yippee! We've heard from the lovely lee lee! Her website is at SoHo/Studios/4037, her email's, and she's at ICQ #1222610. She says, "I have been working hard at school...studying psychology and of course as all college ppl know...PARTYING!! ~L~ I am now working for a local company as a behavioral aide working with children performing behavior modification. I am still single and having fun. I really don't chat much anymore but I am definitely looking forward to seeing how everyone is doing."

    • The brilliant and blunt Lexi, or Lexus says: "Alright, here goes. I'm now in Collegeville PA attending Ursinus College. Don't ask my major cause I don't have one. lets see. ICQ hasn't changed its 2888776 for those inquiring minds that I have lost touch with in the recent years. I'm now chatting in Webmaze under the alias Lexierica. (what can I say? I got bored with Lexus.. and correcting my lovely sister Erynne..... I never used LexusNeon in Soho.) I've been very lucky to see Dave aka Frogurt a few times in the recent months and Joel and Briana in the past year or two at least. My homepage is or as yahoo likes to put it just for the record... yahoo sucks big. but okay. enough bashing. Anything else going on? hmm... other than my aol name being LexusNeon..... nothing much. *hugs kisses luck and love to all of you soho sweeties* -Lexi"

    • London Lad, aka Andreas Duess still has a magnificent older website at his familiar GC URL. Check out his more recent accomplishments at, and an installation piece at Lighthouse 3.

      And, as of January 2004, he's involved in a great and much-needed print-on-demand publishing business,, aka "Print and Be Damned"! *LOL* If you've wanted to publish your life story, that novel you've been meaning to finish, or anything else that ought to be in print... check out his site!

      Email London Lad at

    • Lou, aka Brandon, also has personal website (be sure to see the hat), AND an older (but wiser? *grin* well, certainly lovely anyway...) website about musicals, AND he's in his last year at the Univ of Idaho (Secondary English Education) this year AND he'll be student teaching this spring AND he's going to SF with Anadine to visit Trystessa! Wow! Care to share some of your energy secrets, Lou? *grin*

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