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Wolfgang's woodworking tool of choice is the wood lathe. He turns bowls and vases, many of which are segmented turnings.

Some turned vessels.

Bette turns mostly production pieces. They are mostly writing instruments: Cross style pens and pencils, Parker style pens and pencils, Roller Ball pens, Fountain pens, Letter Openers, Perfume Applicators, and Key Fobs. These are turned of over 50 different woods, including Diamond Wood. (Diamond Wood is wood and resin that is manufactured under heat and pressure to produce a very hard and beautiful material for pens..

Some small turnings.

Wolfgang also does relief carving.

A relief carving.

And Bette carves characters: Santas, Golfers, Hunters, Fisherman, cowboys, etc. Has also carved some realistic Indian pieces.

A few carvings.

More carvings.

Other Interests

Wolfgang enjoys playing golf and bowling and anything musical. And if a volley ball game is in progress you are sure to see him in the middle of it.

Bette enjoys cooking, reading, painting and playing on the computer (chatting and surfing the net). Oh, and spending time with the grandkids!

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