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It ain't the Confederate flag, but it's pretty damn close!

I, JD Hogg, Personally Welcome You To The Official Hollywood Squares Web Site!

While visiting, enjoy the good time eatery. I suggest the gits. They have the least feces in them! Email me for a naked picture of my girlfriend, housing and urban developement seceratary Donna Shulala!!!

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Welcome Filks! I am Jefferson Davis Hogg, your host on this beutiful creation which is Dixieland's favorite web site and good time eatery. It is sort of like a "Boar's Nest" on the web. This page is devoted to just that, the celebration which is Dixie. And the celebration of my underwear!!! The JD Hogg page is a guide to living. If you follow all of my commandments, I will allow you to be fruitfull and multiply. Dissension from my way of life will force me to smite you. Man, will you be smitten. To be me, first, build an alter to be in your home. Every day at 3:18 am you must sacrifice a goat to me. Do it or you will be punished with a good old-fashioned Southern smitin'. From that point on you must eat nothing but gits, ham hocks, fried chicken, marbles, hungarian women, a cake in the shape of Rosie O'Donnell, and beer (for your beverage). This diet is specially designed to act as an enema, to cleanse the soul and prepare you for a lifetime of the good which is me. Next, sell all your Earthly possessions and use the money to buy the entire CD colection of KANSAS (The Muscial Geniuses who were the Lord's minstrels in a former lifetime), and the entire episode collection of the Dukes of Hazzard. You must watch them, and study all of Boss Hogg's actions. Act accordingly. Finally, go out into a forest, rent your clothes and fast for fourty-one days. Then, and only then, will you be ready to be my disciple, At that point will you, too, be seen as a god on Earth. Follow my commandments and your life will be as blessed as mine. This page is devoted to my love of Stoke's Theorem, Bowling, The Dukes of Hazzard, Echolyn, MASCAR (midget NASCAR), skeet shootin' (the sport of Kings) and, of course, KANSAS. While I do not have links to all of these, you can use your search engine to find some applicable pages. But remember to use it in a tightly sealed garage, for your protection. There are a select few who need to be thanked for this page, and, a few who need to be gunned down in a Denny's while they wait for their pancakes, but for fear of leaving someone out, I wont list them individually, I'll just say, "You Know Who You Are!" I must thank Sean "Q" Goodison (found at Geocities.com/Area 51/6779/) He is a fellow god on Earth, who has proved to be a superior bowler, just like Neil Spungin, and a great friend through the years. Sure he's a tad loony, but, well who has change of a dollar? Anyone? Of Course I must thank Dave and Rich Horn. Dave, Brown University's favorite son, and Rich, Devil-Spawn of Brown, are directly responsible for my KANSAS obsession, and, well, my love of Minnie, the best doggy woggy in the whole world, and half of what is on this page. You can punish them accordingly. These two are the quirckiest(sp) friends anybody could have, but are god-awful bowlers, but I bet they could bowl the crap out of you tough guy, So BACK OFF OF THEM! I would like to apologize to the Confederate States and Oprah for my reference to this as the official web site of the Nubian Queens. It ain't much to be Nubian, but I hold it dearly in my heart. I remember the day I was annointed a Nubian Queen. My little heart pittered and pattered so fast and my left elbow went numb. So, Enjoy the site, look around, and enjoy the complementary melba toast, if you can find it!!! HA!! HA!! HA!! You wont be able to find the melba toast! Sure, now you're thinking, I'll just look in that jar labeled 'Hidden Melba Toast." But I assure you it's not in there! So don't look in there! You wont find it in there. I suggest looking in the jar labeled "Not So Hidden Melba Toast." You will have a better chance finding it in there.

My friend made this! He is not a NAZI!!!

This is my girlfriend! I like to SEX HER UP!!!


The Doctor Pulaski Fan Page!!!
The Most Beautiful Page Ever!!!
RICH'S PIRATED SOUNDS!!! THE AL FAN PAGE's biggest rival goes head to head with AL SOUNDS!!!
Visit Here or Burn Eternally in the caribbean under a nice warm sun and palm trees sipping coconut juice!
More From Jefferson Davis Hogg and the Gang! Email me for very revealing pictures of Daisy. I had no idea she skied.
The Band that was blessed with their musical talent from the Lord himself!
So, how is the weather?
Now its time for the Gits that I Promised Y'all. Don't eat too much or your stomach will fill up and probably explode into millions of little tiny pieces.
One of the creators of this page!! DAVE!!!!!!
Sean, on a bus going to a track meet.
Richard and the best doggywoggy in the world, MINNIE!!! If you're nice, Minnie will give you a KISSYWISSY!!!!
Uh oh Minnie!! Don't smell the garbage!! Now no one will want a KISSYWISSY!!!!
Such a little princess!!!
Play with Minnie or she'll chew your leg off!!!

Don't like my homepage? Did my blinks give you a seizure? Click here! nyquil21@aol.com

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Robby Steinhardt is my GOD!!!

But he is not in any way affiliated with this page. That would scar him and his family for life, like it has mine.

"Thank you and goodnight from KANSAS!"